Important Notes

Also, we encourage you to join our RCPS Technology Ideas Community for more tips about Gmail, and other technology resources!

You may find it helpful to add the Gmail and Google Plus Apps to your mobile device.

General Gmail Help

Using and Organizing your Gmail

Managing your Google Contacts

First Class to Google Transition

General Gmail Help

Try These Gmail Tasks ✪

Once the change is made, start here for help. Find a list of activities with associated demos and information. 

Frequently Asked Questions 1

Frequently Asked Questions 2

Accessing your Gmail Account

Add a Shortcut (if not there)

Cheat Sheet

Training for Google Apps (Chrome Extension)

Gmail Tips and Tricks

Gmail Help Center

Bookmarking Gmail

Using and Organizing Email in your Gmail

Compose an email

Video Tutorial

Reply to an email

Video Tutorial

Forward an email

Video Tutorial

View an Email Conversation

Video Tutorial

 Add Attachments to an email

Video Tutorial

Create and assign labels to emails

Video Tutorial

Apply a filter for School News and other News Groups

Video Tutorial

Star an important email

Video Tutorial

Add category tabs to my Inbox

Video Tutorial

Add a signature to my emails

Video Tutorial

Send and receive a Read Receipt

Unsend/recall an email

Change your Profile Picture

Delete/Archive Emails

Draft Emails

Chatting within Email

Rockingham County Public Schools Mail Labs 

(Testing ground for features like Preview Pane, Unread Mail Icon, Canned Responses, etc.)

Sound Notifications

Gmail does not currently have a sound notification feature. If one becomes available, you can find information here.

Organizing your Contacts and Managing Contact Groups

Create Google Contact Groups

Export Individual External Contacts

Recreate External Contact Groups

 (e.g. parent list)

When sending email to people with the same or similar names, it may be beneficial to check the RCPS Personnel Directory for the correct email address.

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First Class to Google Transitions.  If you use ___ then try ___ .

First Class Option

Google or Alternative Option

Bulletin Boards

If you used Bulletin Boards in First Class, we recommend that you create a public Google document, personal website (such as Weebly), School Messenger, or Schoology.


If you used the Calendar feature to schedule events, we recommend that you use Google Calendars.

Directions on exporting/importing a First Class Calendar

Note: You cannot share a calendar with a contact group; you must type in each person.

For equipment checkout calendars, we recommend using a calendar resource developed by RCPS in Insight/Powerschool. Ask for details.


If you used the RCPS Classifieds, there is a Google+ Community created to let you buy, sell, and advertise.

Handout | Video Tutorial | Managing Notifications


(Shared Documents/Folders)

If you used the Conference folder to share important school documents or folders, we recommend that you use Google Drive to store these documents and share them with your school.

File Storage

If you used the File Storage to manage your digital documents, presentations, and PDFs, we recommend using Google Drive.


If you used the Fundraiser or Events Conferences in First Class, please use the fundraisers mailing list ( and the events mailing list ( when announcing those types of activities. Please use the Google+ Classifieds community when buying or selling other items. 

Grade Level Ideas

If you used the Grade Level Conference folders to share ideas, there are Google+ Communities created to let you share ideas, just around RCPS.

Help Desk

This link cannot be posted publicly, so please see a member of the tech staff  to get the link to bookmark if you don’t have it.

Homework Hotline

If you used the Homework Hotline in First Class, we recommend that you use a shared Google Doc, Schoology, or the Remind app to continue communicating these expectations with parents at home.

Instant Messenger/Chat

If you used the Instant Messenger feature to privately chat, we recommend using Google Hangouts.


If you used the Conference folder for your school’s lockdown procedures, we recommend using text messages or Google Groups.


Just as we did in FirstClass, we will continue to use “News” emails for important school communications. These emails will automatically come to your inbox. To send an email to your school’s news, simply type in the school initials, and select the news email address. For example,

 Note: Remember, you can set up filters to sort the emails that come to your inbox into a News folder, just as we did in FirstClass, if you like. (Please see “Organizing and Using Emails in Your Gmail” section above for details.)

Some schools additionally use the “social lounge” for their social, non-essential school communications. 

But please do continue to use school News emails as described here for all important communications in your school.

Shared Mail Lists for School Newsletters/Daily Announcements (School Admin Staff)

If you used a shared mail list, we recommend using School Messenger. Administrators may request accounts for secretaries. Google does not allow for shared contact groups.

School Messenger Newsletter (E-mail Only) | Create a Unique Email List for Newsletter (E-mail Only)

Web Pages

If you used the Web Page feature to build your classroom website, we recommend using published Google Docs or Weebly.

Other Details

Configuring Your Google Account on Your Mobile Device

How to Add Another Google Account to Your Android Device

(If you have trouble, just delete your Rockingham Google account that may likely already exist on your phone then add it back. No information is lost in this process and it will fix any issues!)

How to set up mail, contacts, and calendars on iPhone and iPad

Data Recommendations:

To save data, you can adjust your settings so that background refresh does not occur.

Also, you may want to adjust the settings so that it only checks/syncs while you are on Wifi.