Welcome to our course, Google Apps for Educators and Schools. I’m Chris, and today I’m going to be walking you through our Google Apps syllabus. One of the main things I want you to know about our syllabus is that it is a Google Doc and so it’s constantly being updated on our end. If you know anything about Google Docs, you don’t have to save, upload, and try to figure out which version is the most recent version. With our syllabus, the version that you have called Google Apps Syllabus is the most up to date version. So as long as you’re using the Google Doc Google Apps syllabus you will have the correct information. So the basics about our syllabus, is that on this syllabus is going to be a checklist of all the assignments as well as all the assignment links themselves.  Every assignment that you create you are going to be sharing with us. You are not going to be using the Heritage online system. So the course title here is Google Apps for Educators and Schools. And now I’m going to walk you through the checklist. One thing you need to make sure you know is whether you are taking this course for Clock, PDU, 400 level or 500 level. Depending on which version of that you are doing you will have a different number of assignments. If you are taking this course for Clock or PDU you will do #’s 1-11. If you are taking this class for 400 or 500 level you will do #’s 1-16 including the integration paper. So that’s the basics on the checklist. If you scroll down even farther it will give you information such as what the course is all about, as well as the actual links to the assignments. You’ll see assignment #1 for everyobody is your just going to introduce yourself. And you have two options for this, you can either create the document in a word doc or email or if you are ahead of the game you can create the assignment as a google doc and share it with us. Which leads us to assignment #2 here where you actually start learning about Google Apps. And here learning about Google Apps you will follow along and watch some of these videos. There is a website as well that talks more about the Google Apps. And then you’re going to be answering the questions. So that’s the format for our class, If you are taking the course for PDU or Clock you will be finishing through assignment 11. If you are taking this course for 400 or 500 level you will continue to scroll down and complete through #’s 15 and 16 with the integration paper.

If you have any questions as you go along, please do not hesitate to contact us. The easiest way is through email at ChrisBrita@gmail.com, Talk with you later.