Your Fame Will Destroy You






Nicole E Woolaston















Your Fame Will

Destroy You








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Dedicated to my mother, June Parris: thank you for always believing in me.


To Green Day: thank you for always inspiring me.


To every artist, writer, and musician: never never give up.















































“The photograph kills, and your fame will destroy you.”



                                                                               30 Odd Foot of Grunts

Chapter One






                Now I know what it feels like to be high.              

                I hadn’t expected people to cheer so loudly when we hit the stage.  I hadn’t expected them to chant our name, or sing along with us.  And I certainly hadn’t expected them to mosh to our songs.  But they did.  We had opened for Taking Back Sunday at Madison Square Garden, and during our set we owned that stage.  When our set ended and we walked off of the stage, my head was swimming.

                Now I know what it feels like to be high.

                I had given tickets to Erin Michaels, one of our employees at Urban Collective.  Once we were backstage, and after the show had ended, I called her on her cell, and asked her to bring her friends backstage.  Some of them weren’t able to stay long, but Erin, her boyfriend Gerard, and some of her friends joined the band and I for a late dinner.  We were celebrating what was, so far, the greatest night of our lives.





Chapter Two






                I don’t think anyone went to sleep after our first show at the Garden.  Sure, we were just the opening act, but we had a fan base! People were screaming our names and singing along with our songs. That was totally unexpected, but wonderful.  After the show we went to dinner together. Erin and some of her friends came with us.  As we sat around the table, eating and talking and taking in the night, I thought about the show, and a strange thought occurred to me.

                We were becoming famous.

                If we had that many fans at a show tonight, then our name was really out there. This was probably going to be our last peaceful night out together.

                But I’m probably getting way ahead of myself.  We’re not that famous. There won’t be any paparazzi chasing us down and trying to get photos of us.  We’re still just a little indie rock band. No need to worry about anything yet.








Chapter Three






                We decided to keep Mike as our manager.  He wasn’t sure he could handle the responsibility at first, but we talked him into it.  Plus, Vanessa said it would be good for him.  “You can’t hide behind your sound equipment in the recording studio forever,” she told him.

                So, Mike took the job.  He said the first thing it wanted to do, was put our new found fame to good use. “You guys are hot right now, and we need to use that,” he said during a meeting, just a few days after the show at the Garden.  “We need to keep the name Our Lady in people’s mouths and on their minds, while it’s still fresh. I’m going to see how many performances I can line up for you.”

                “Where are you thinking about?” Aidan asked.

                Mike paused for a moment, then replied, “Webster Hall.” He took his cell phone out of his pocket, and began swiping his index finger across the screen, then pressed a link. “Webster Hall would be a great place for you guys to perform.  And you’re going to need an opening act.”

                “Erin knows a band,” Amy chimed in. “Her boyfriend Gerard has one. Maybe we could give them a listen?”

                Mike smiled and nodded. “Sounds good,” he said. “It’ll be good to have a local indie band. Have they played any gigs yet?”

                “I’m not sure, but I can find out,” Amy said.

                “Cool,” Mike said.  “Get back to me after you hear them.”  He pressed the screen of his phone, then held his phone up to his ear and stepped out of the room.

                Nick and Aidan stepped forward. “What about Jon’s band?” Aidan asked. “Wouldn’t you rather have them open for us?”

                “Jon’s band hasn’t played any gigs yet,” Nick said.

                “Yeah, their first show shouldn’t be opening for us,” I said.  “That’s a lot of pressure.”

Amy nodded in agreement. “I don’t want to do that to them,” she said. “They’re not quite ready yet.”