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Blog Research

Inquire into what makes a good blog:

  1. Determine what you need to find out about what makes a great blog. What design features are you going to research?
  2. Decide the priority (order) of each thing you are going to research. Make sure you research at least 3 or more things.
  3. Paste the URL of where you found your information. Start with the list on the Grade 6 Technology Blog
  4. Describe what you think about your research. Why is this an important feature of a blog? If it’s not, why not?





What design features are you going to research? 


Where did you find it?

Why is this a an important feature of a blog? If it’s not,  why not?

(3 or more ideas here)

(Put them in order)

(URL of blog)

(Describe what you think about your research)

How do you become popular on a blog ?


This important because the more popular your blog is more people will see the ideas you have and waht you wanted to share with everyone.

What makes a blog interesting ?


If your blog is not interesting people will not look at it and they might say bad things about it. And you could be embarased by what they say.

How can you make a link of a subscribe button to my instagram, facebook, twitter etc.


this is not as important as the rest but if people like your blog they might follow you on instagram or facebook and so on also it is always good to have lots of followers or subscribers.

K. Cofino

September 2014