Truckmate Geotab Integration v1.3


Vishal Singh

Project Engineer


Rev. 5: Sept 13, 2016

TruckMate Integration Plan

1. Features

Basic Integration

F1. TM Device Link to Geotab Drive

F2. Freight Bill Truckmate Status Update from Drive to Truckmate

F3. Driver Return Form from Drive to Truckmate

F4. Google Maps Shortcut

F5. Load Offers Dashboard

Additional Possibilities

F6. Trip Progress Triggers

F7. Conditional Driver Status Behaviour Statuses

F7. Zone Freight Bill Syncing

F8. Zendu TruckNavigation

F9. Rule Triggers

F10. HOS

2. Implementation Overview

I1. Setup and Configuration (Week 1)

I1. MyGeotab Addin - Load Offer Helper (Week 1-2)

I2. Geotab Drive Zenduit Truckmate App Add-In - (Week 1-3)

I3. Training (Week 2-4)

1. Features

The following features are implemented in Truckmate Geotab application.

F1. Truckmate to Geotab Drive App as Geotab Add-In

Link TruckMate Devices (Mobile Device Maintenance) with Geotab Drive Users.

F2. Driver Schedule

All stops are organized in order of their optimized sequence from Truckmate.

F2. Freight Bill Truckmate Status Update from Drive to Truckmate

When a driver updates their status through a TM form in Geotab Drive that updated status is reflected in Truckmate against the freight bill and trip ID.

F3. Driver Forward and Return Forms

Macros (Forms) setup and dispatched from Truckmate are dynamically shown to the Geotab Drive User in the format they were setup in Truckmate for forward and return forms. Driver submission of these forms in Geotab Drive will then be reflected in Truckmate (ie. Proof of Delivery, Notes, etc…).

F4. Google Maps and Contact Call Shortcut

Each stop on a freight bill has a shortcut link to open google maps or call contact associated with stop.

F5. Load Offers Dashboard

Dashboard for dispatchers showing total # of load offers sent to drivers, including freight bill numbers on driver’s device, and completion percentage of all freight bills.

Visual a status monitor to ensure services are running. Truckmate server status alert. Zenduit server status alert.


Post Driver Hours Remaining to TruckMate from Geotab Drive API so that a driver’s remaining HOS will be shown in TruckMate’s Dispatch application.


Post Driver Current HOS status to Truckmate. And daily HOS logs.


Post current GPS position from Geotab device to Truckmate.


Post all GPS logs for breadcrumb and historical tracking view. GPS logs come from Geotab.


Two way messaging from Truckmate Message Center to Driver and vice versa.

 Data Architecture:

2. Implementation Overview

Before We Start Implementation

The following is required to commence truckmate integration. It is required that the End Customer/Sales Partner request credentials directly from their TMW implementation/support lead.  

Zenduit Implementation

Implementation or demonstration

There will be five core deliverables which may be implemented over the course of 2-3 weeks.


Please also see FAQ table for questions.



Add Geotab Add-In Code to System Settings

Geotab Drive Truckmate Add-in Code:


        "name": "TMDrive",

        "supportEmail": "TMimplementation@zenduit.com",

        "version": "1.0",

        "items": [


                        "url": "https://tmdrive-1246.firebaseapp.com/geotab.drive.html",

                        "path": "DriveAppLink/",

                        "menuName": {

                                "en": "TMDrive"




        "isSigned": false


Test the Parameters in the Truckmate Helper

Integration parameters:


    "TTMHeader": {

        "DSN": "",

        "Schema": "",

        "Username": "",

        "Password": ""


    "TMobileCommHeader": {

        "NetworkID": ""


    "MobileCommWsdl": "http:       /TruckMateWS/wsdl/IMobileComm",

    "ResManagementWsdl": "http:       /TruckMateWS/wsdl/IResManagement",

    "geotab": {

        "server": "",

        "database": "",

        "username": "",

        "password": ""



  • Mobile Communication API Key (with wsdl and soap endpoints)
    (ie. {E376C9AE-12CF-4354-B16D-1111ABBCC555})
  • What is your Localhost Public IP or Domain Name to Connect to Web Service http://localhost:8080/TruckMateWS (replace “localhost with Public IP or Domain Name)
  • Company IT must do a self assessment to ensure their mobile communication can be accessed from web (route port, forwarding setup correctly)
  • Truckmate DSN Name (ie. database name for your company)
  • What is your Network ID and Schema
  • Test TM API Login and Password (or Other API User Credentials)
  • Test TM WIN Login and Password (or Super admin credentials)

Helper app link: https://truckmate-helper.firebaseapp.com/

Configure Macros

Open Macros Definition Tool in Truckmate and complete the following steps:

Configure Load Offer Macro

Configure Status Macros: Arrived/Depart Shipper/Consignee

Configure Pickup/Delivery Completed Macros

Export Macros

Map Macros to Events

Setup Geotab Drive User

Configure Mobile Communicate Manager

Perform Acceptance Test

I1. Setup and Configuration (Week 1-3)

Zenduit will engage the end-customer with an overview discussion of the implementation plan. Zenduit will need to know answers to the following questions for setup.

Zenduit will require RDP & VPN (option 2: Teamviewer) access to the customers local truckmate server/computer for setup.

Zenduit will use the following Truckmate Applications for setup




Get Macro ID and Truckmate Helper Details from Customer

Login to Geotab Drive database and confirm all parameters are verified

Perform Training on Use of Truckmate App

I2. Customer Truckmate Setup - (Week 1-3)

The Zenduit Truckmate application can be downloaded from the Android Play Store. Once logged in the driver will have the ability to view their freight bill stop sequence and update statuses and forms associated with the freight bill.

I3. Zenduit Implementation (Week 3-4)

 Training will be broken into 3 recorded sessions. The following topics will be covered.

Frequently Asked Questions



I have different type of work orders (Pick and Deliver, Pick and Dock, etc…). Is it possible to handle different types and how do I configure?

I want to add another button for a Form. How can we do this?

Drivers See Geotab Drive Messaging and Truckmate Messages in Truckmate Geotab Drive Add-IN which do drivers use?

If a driver inputs inaccurate info and sends, how can they correct it?

They cannot correct it themselves from the app. They would have to message the dispatcher to have it corrected manually. Truckmate does not allow 2 submissions for the same Load Offer, so no development can be done on our end to work around this issue.

Is the customer signing the bill part of the Truckmate add-in? How can that be done?

The customer signing the bill is part of a Custom form that Zenduit offers. The signature is not part of the submission to Truckmate, it is stored on the Zenduit server and it is shown in an external URL populated on the Form submitted. So the signature is only viewable if you open the URL. If you would like to modify your forms to incorporate this option, then please notify us. Please keep in mind this is additional Scope of Work.

Is Pickup-Delivery coupling for Load Offers with the same Vehicle-Driver done by Zenduit or Truckmate?

Pickup and Delivery are separated for the same Load Offer when the Truckmate environment is set up as LTL. For TL, Pickup and Delivery will be sent to the same driver.

How is Truckmate status affected as the automatic updates were disabled?

When a Driver submits a form, Dispatcher has to manually change their status to Picked or Delivered, from which Truckmate marks the job as Complete. Automatic updates remove the necessity of manually changing them.

Localization of truck is done using Geotab or Truckmate?

When a Form is submitted by the Driver, the GPS coordinates are retrieved from the Driver's phone's geolocation and not Geotab.

Is DISP the only valid status for shipment? Can you add/edit?

DISP is the only status where a Driver is able to interact with any form, so yes it is the only valid status for dispatching Load Offers. Other statuses does not allow any Driver interaction, that permission is retained by the Dispatcher only. Changing/adding status names for "end states" entails additional Scope of Work.

How do we add Custom statuses? i.e. Attempted/Missed Delivery/Pickup. How are these statuses mapped?

How do we configure for both TL and LTL environments in Truckmate?

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