Enterprise Plugin Advanced Dashboard v.2.0.40


Release Notes

ProcessMaker Enterprise Plugin

Advanced Dashboard v.2.0.40

(Release Date: October 7th, 2014)

ProcessMaker’s advanced dashboards give organizations the ability to monitor huge amounts of different data. Whether it’s measuring the productivity of departments by process, or identifying bottlenecks in processes the advanced dashboards provide both simple information at a glance and detailed information in a drill down feature.. It allows regular users to check the state of the processes, cases, tasks, users and tables by interactive statistic and graphics in 4 friendly dashlets.  


Fixed bugs:

This is the list of fixed bugs in this version:

New Features:

Known Issues:

The following bugs/new feature requests are planned for fixing in the next stable release of the plugin:



For a detailed description of the Advance Dashboard plugin and its new features please see our latest documentation: http://enterpriseedition.wiki.processmaker.com/index.php/Advanced_Dashboard

To report a bug please go to web page: http://bugs.processmaker.com/.