Conference Mentor Meeting 10/29/15

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Student e-Portfolio Examples

  1. If you could post anything on your eportfolio, what would you post?

If I could put anything on my eportfolio I would put a video going through my life.  When I wake up to when I got to bed.  This would just change the perspective for everyone and realize what life and schooling is really like for someone else.  I think that this would change a lot for other students to see, so they could be more engaged and sympathetic and become kinder and really engage themselves in what they are doing. This is what I would post.

I would post my success with life. Kids can post what they’re proud of like a dog or cat. For example I am proud of two things. my hens. The thing i am most proud of though is my cows in Texas.

If I could pick anything to put on my e-portfolio I would put a video of the whole school and what happens here on the daily basics. I chose this because I think that people would want to see what goes on daily at our schould or like have a live web cam. I pick both of these because many people are going to be looking at to come here and the would probably want to see what happens on here.

If i could post anything on my E-Portfolio I would probably have to post a video of one of my favorite hobbies, hiking. I really love to hike and I think that I have learned many skills while doing that. Someone could watch this video and be able to say that they got the idea to start a new hobby and become more active, because they watched a cool video. Many people sometimes don’t go out and connect with nature and that would be awesome if a video like this made someone want to do that.

If I could post anything on my e-portfolio I would post a day in my life. I think that it would be cool if one person got to imagine what it was like to go to mount vernon and see how my life goes. I think that it would be cool for me to video my whole day, edit it, and post in on my e-portfolio. This would show what it is like to be in the student's eyes. Some adults don’t understand how hard school can be sometimes and I would really like to see everybody reactions when they see what goes on at school.

If I could post anything on my e-portfolio, I would post the assignments I think I have done well on. I would also post quotes that might inspire other students. I also might post things that are not related to school. Maybe I would post pictures of me doing things over the weekend, like playing soccer. Not many people use the Outside MVPS section, and this might be a way for our school community to become closer, and relate more.

If I could post anything on my E-portfolio I would post things that happen in my life.I would do this because people who go too the school will get to know me better and see what I do outside of school.This is a great school education way that would be fun for students too interact with others through E-portfolio.This could also bring students closer together by relationship and seeing what I do and my daily routine of the day.I could also post pictures of my school and be able too take pictures when we gone on field trips or possibly of me doing activities outside of school.On the weekend,I would post stuff that I did that I really enjoyed and maybe this could give them some ideas on what they could do on the weekend.

If i could post something on my e-portfolio I would post some encouraging comments to help someone through their day. Being happy is a feeling that everyone should have, and I would really like to help someone be happy. I would also try to post some things that we were doing in class, or also post ideas that I might have for a good lesson in class. I think that this would help teachers understand what the students want to learn about and what they could do to help us learn that topic in the quickest and most fun way possible.

If I could post anything on my e-portfolio I would post some of my work that I am most proud of and that I have done the best on. For example I would love to post my Shooting Kabul book Essay response because worked very hard on it and achieved a great grade. I think students should be able to post some of their best and most profound work because then teachers and peers get to see not just what the teacher thinks we should post, but we think we did well on and what we think we should post.

 If I could post anything on my E-Portfolio it would be some of my highest achievements in life like a video of me riding a bike for the first time or going to my first concert because those are all memories I don’t want to forget.

If I could post anything on my E-portfolio, I would post things that I like or entertain me. For example, I would post all sorts of things about my favorite singers, band, likes, dislikes, and etc. I would also posts things about life and funny memories, stories, and other things I would not want to forget.

If I could post something on my E-portfolio it would be how and what I learned for school work in my classes. I think it is good to know that the teachers get feedback on students opinions so we can learn more efficiently. If we do a project for example, I think it is good to understand it because there is no point of doing something in school or out of school without learning.

I would post something like pictures of all the projects I’ve made and tests and grades. Also photos from activities that I have done in class and reflections from field trip and assignments. I would also post about information that is very important from my classes. Also I would post that we should teach others about e-portfolio.

  1. How might students take greater ownership of their learning through eportfolios?

I think that students would take greater ownership of their learning with eportfolios because they would be able to visibly see their progress and realize what they are doing.  I think that this would make it possible to learn more new important key elements to life and realize what learning is and that they need it.  This is why I think students can take greater ownership of their learning with eportfolios.

They have to work on their own to tell what they have done. They work alone to tell their point of view. If they don’t then how will they get credit for work.  I look at it this way what if your teacher didn’t get something or misread it you can take ownership and explain in your eportfolio.

Kids would take greater ownership of their work if you made them put it on there because they wouldn’t want a bad grade on their e-portfolio where everyone else could see it on it.

I think that since the world is becoming more dependant on electronics and people are looking more for people that are good with computers, that it would help you to get a job if you knew how to do a lot of different things on the computer. The E-Portfolios are a way to teach students how to do these different things on the computer so that they will be ready for the ever increasing amount of technology in the world.

Students could learn through their e-portfolios by creating and learning a  new outcome. We can create and publish our work that we are proud of and maybe give an update about a week at school or a day. we could use our e-portfolios to become smarter and more intelligent with our technology. Also by putting our work on our e-portfolios to see what we can do better next time and to see our work improve. Also our learning outcome could change throughout the semester and we could post different views about the new learning outcome and what we could do to improve it.

There are different ways to take ownership of our learning through Eportfolios. One way that might get us excited about Eportfolios is if we were given a certain number of assignments to post in a month, and we could choose which ones we wanted to. Instead of the teacher telling us which assignment to post, we could choose. This way, students won’t have to post something they aren’t proud of. Also, we will be able to show what we know on the Eportfolio, so other students can see.

I think students could take better ownership of learning through their E-portfolios by many options.Like,writing more accurate reflections on our E-portfolios.Another way is to choose what fun things we wanted too upload outside of school and inside of school.I think that this is a way to connect with the students and you can see what they have worked very hard on.Instead of teachers forcing us to post stuff we didn’t find enjoyable we could pick from assignments and have some more basic freedom on our E-portfolios.This would be  a better way to have fun with your E-portfolio and have freedom and not feel like you are being forced to post certain stuff that we do not want to.

Using e-portfolios, students are able to illustrate and talk about what they have done in class and show how hard they have worked to achieve a certain goal. We would have to take greater ownership of our learning because we would have to discipline ourselves to upload things onto our e-portfolios. Also, we do reflections on the e-portfolios, so that really helps us talk about and understand what project we just did/what lab, etc.

I think students can take better ownership of their learning through eportfolios by putting their work that they did in front of the semester and then look at what they did at the end of the semester and conclude from that how well they did, what they can improve, and what they can do better next time.

I think students can take better ownership by looking at it as a good thing. Instead of a boring chore think of it as like a memory vault where you can but all of your greatest achievements from school.

I think it is great to have an E-portfolio because you can show what you have done, improved on, and what you are planning on doing in school and in life. You can also show you progress from point a to point b.

I think it is good to have an E-portfolio because it shows how you progressed over the year. It is also good for writing mechanics and will help you with whatever you are doing. It is also good for understanding your work and what you did. It helps too when people get to see your writing so they can give you feedback so you can be a better writer.

Students would take better ownership of their learning through eportfolio by posting projects and work on their portfolio. Also by practicing more to improve on their skills on eportfolio. It can also be a safe place for students to post work and projects.