Next meeting:

Thurs. October 18

**** Below here are notes not visible on website ****


If you are a keyholder and able to commit to setup and lead KST on the upcoming Thursday, change the date above. You can change it any time 24/7 prior to the upcoming Thursday meeting.  Put only the date of the upcoming Thursday, nothing further in advance. Don’t change the spacing or anything but the date above the ****


Next THURSDAY meeting at Ekoji

[change the date], 2017, 7 p.m.

In about 5 minutes the change will magically appear on the KST website. Super easy!

Note your name BELOW the **** This is just for our own info.

IMPORTANT! If you commit, then it turns out you can’t attend you must personally find someone else who will commit to your date. Don’t just change the date back, since people may already have made plans to attend.  

Info below the *** doesn’t show on the website, though a determined person could find it, so it’s not sooper seekrit.