OpenStreetMap Foundation

Licensing Working Group

  Tuesday 17th September 2013

18:00 - 18:58 UTC

Agenda & Minutes


Present:  Paul Norman, Michael Collinson, Oliver Kühn


Minutes by: Michael

1. Adoption of Minutes of last meeting (27th Aug)

Note: This editable minute link is for LWG members only. A public version is normally available at

Proposed: Paul

Seconded: Dermot



2. MATTERS ARISING (open action items from previous meetings)

  • MapBox "attribution mark" proposal
  • Simon will update the Github page (re  legal counsel response: replace of the credit “© OpenStreetMap contributors” or similar with a visual mark - is this “legally” valid?)
  • Mike Contact UK Ordnance Survey Legal re potential conflict with “OSMM” ?OS Master Map? trademark (done - awaiting response)
  • Simon: Ask MapBox precisely how geocoding would be used in the Foursquare situation.
  • Information for officials and diplomats of countries and entities with disputed territories
  • 2013-07-30 Mike update wiki re Derived DB versus Produced Work
  • 2013-08- 27 Simon to request trademark registration funds from Oliver. (done and Oliver has agreed)
  • 2013-08- 27 Mike/Paul:
  • - Check that counsel OK with us publishing takedown notices
  • - Check that we have procedure to deal with counter notices
  • - We should not block accounts unless they are re-uploading data.
  • - Generate templates for various stages
  • 2013-08- 27 Mike - Facebook logins: Ask legal counsel whether there is any general risk to the project and its data if Facebook feel we do not match their policies.
  • 2013-08- 27 Mike - Forward “About Boxes” item to legal-talk
  • 2013-08- 27 Mike - Community Guidelines/Norms - Process Formalisation: Publish what we decided at 2013-07-30 meeting
  • 2013-08- 27 All - Review Paul’s paper “Geocoding, ODbL and derivative works

3. Finalise today's agenda

4. Trademark Registration (Simon)

Payment has been agreed in principle by Oliver as OSMF Treasurer.

5. OSMF Articles of Association Update

2013-09-07 AGM reportage for the record:  The main resolution, to adopt a revised set of articles that basically maintain the status quo of how we actually operate by having a subscription membership and updating for the 2006 Companies Act was passed. An extra resolution allow non-natural persons, e.g. companies, to vote was not carried. Companies may still join as Associate Members, but will not have a vote in board elections or General Meeting resolutions.

6. Use of DMCA take down form for non-copyright matters

Background: We have had a spate of use of our on-line DMCA take down form for matters unrelated to third-party copyright issues. Some of these involve privacy and claims of incorrect data. These are somewhat difficult to handle as the form is not designed to capture the information required to give any useful or helpful response. What should we do?


  • Add legal@ email to the page.
  • Add a brief “How To” or link to How To on using Notes for corrections to a particular location.

7. Wikimapia

Our understanding is that to a very high level of certainty there is data in Wikimapia  for at least Copenhagen, Hamburg that has been copied (not imported) from us, directly or indirectly. We understand Wikimapia is hosted in the USA and has two founders who operate offshore.

As per email from Simon Poole:


  • Paul: Find out exactly where and specific example(s).
  • Mike: Get in touch with Wikimapia founders to express our concerns: please comply with our license or remove the data,
  • Not send a formal take-down request for now.

Supporting info:

8. CC-BY terms (Paul)

This is widely used by a number of governments to release geospatial data. A lot of time is spent contacting these organisations to verify whether we can use the data. Is there anything we can do in general terms?

Basically, no.  1) We do not attribute all contributors with equal prominence and 2) (the killer) we, i.e. ODbL do not, by design, force down-stream attributions on mappers making maps from our data, since that is impractical.

However in the longer term, CC 4.0 has a process that we will be exploring directly with them to make ODbL a compatible license.

9. Privacy Issues API/Planet Dump

Not discussed (open from 2013-08-27 meeting)

9. AOB


Next Meeting:

Tuesday 1st October at 18:00 GMT/UTC