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Press release - 0717 - WCGT logo redesign
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Waukesha County Green Team introduces
new organization logo

Waukesha, Wis. - July 11, 2017 - Waukesha County Green Team (WCGT), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization focused on promoting sustainability in Waukesha County, Wis. communities, is proud to introduce its updated logo.

The refreshed logo highlights the organization’s focus on sustainability using an applicable color pallet and design representing both the natural (water, air and tree) and human (thumbprint) influences on the environment. The WCGT board of directors developed a tagline to represent a succinct description of the organization’s focus: “Community powered. Sustainability driven.”  

“Our logo is very often on the front lines of our growing reach in Waukesha County,” Stacey Balsley, board member and Waukesha County Green Team president said. “For this reason, we decided name recognition and organizational purpose needed clarity.”

“The colors, thumbprint and tagline of the new logo leave very little to be questioned. One question we do hope this tagline prompts is ‘What kind of imprint am I leaving on the environment?’  Overall, we’re very pleased with our new logo and tagline,” Balsley said.

The WCGT board worked with Milwaukee-based professional designer Dan Dudzinski who created the logo with the help of the board’s input and feedback.

“I was drawn to the Waukesha County Green Team’s message of environmental sustainability, and admired the work they have done thus far in their community,” Dudzinski said. “The goal of this project was to create a brand identity that connected their past with where WCGT wants to go in the future. The thumbprint design empowers them to ‘leave their mark,’ while pursuing the sustainable future they are working toward.”

Dudzinski has assisted with numerous freelance projects. More projects he has managed can be found at his website,


About Waukesha County Green Team

Established in May 2009, the Waukesha County Green Team is a volunteer-based, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization focused on promoting environmental and economic sustainability in Waukesha County Wisconsin communities through education, communication, and local action. For more information, visit

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