Clear J. Menser: Houdini FX TD

Cell: (604) 724-8711



Feb’18 - May ‘18 @ Zoic Studios, Vancouver, B.C. : Many dynamic sims during Pilot Season.

Dec ’17 - Feb ‘18 @ DD, Vancouver, B.C. : A Series of Unfortunate Events. I did several in-shot dust and library elements and set a hospital on fire, smoke in the halls and fire out the windows.  

July ’16 - March ‘17 @ DD, Vancouver, B.C. : Fast and Furious 8. Look dev and some tool building. Lots of snow effects and interaction using particles and volumes.

Sept ’15 - Feb ‘16 @ DNeg, Vancouver, B.C. : Alice Through the looking Glass, rain and oceans, Huntsman Winter’s War with dust hits and debris.  

Feb ’15 - Aug ‘15 @ Method, Vancouver, B.C. : Avengers, then to San Andreas, then some tv with Falling Skies and Video game cinematics for Call of Duty Black Ops. 

April ’13 - Feb ’15, @ Encore, Vancouver, B.C. - I was the sole Houdini 3D generalist. The quick turnover allowed me to meet many challenges from creating exploding flowers to building a remedial pipeline. Shows include Falling Skies, 10.0, Witches of East End, and The Quest.

May ’12 - Feb ’13 @ Image Engine, Vancouver, B.C. - I was one of 6 FX TDs on R.I.P.D. I created a variety of effects, vomit, drool, splashes, dust, debris, peeling wallpaper, and falling leaves.

Jan '11 - Dec '11 @ Dr. D Sydney, Australia - I was one of dozens of FX TDs on Happy Feet 2. My responsibilities included tool creation and shot production of snow and ice fx.

Dec '08 - Nov '10 @ Imagemovers Digital, Novato Ca -Disney's Christmas Carol & Mars Needs Moms, both in 3D IMax. I was responsible for several hero effects and repeatable elements (electric fx and laser blasters), and a couple 200+ frame shots.  

Aug '07 - Nov '08 @ Framestore-CFC in London, England - I was one of 10 FX TDs on The Tale of Despereaux. I wrote tools for fx and a couple of shaders. Shot work included cobwebs & fire.

Mar '03 - Jul '07 @ Tippett Studio in Berkeley, Ca. - I was the lead FX Animator on Enchanted and Shaggy Dog. I was an FX Animator on Matrix Revolutions, Hellboy, Constantine, and Mask 2. I created: splashing water, smoke and dust, abstract designs, fire, windy fur, hair simulations, cloth simulations, breaking glass, swarms, sparks, etc 

Aug '01 - Feb '03 @ Stargate Films in South Pasadena, Ca. - I was one of 6 3D general artists working on TV special fx. I wrote MEL scripts to help our work-flow. I was the go-to guy for technical help in Maya. I did work for The New Twilight Zone, The Witches of Eastwick, and more.

Jun '00 to Oct '00 @ Digital Domain in Venice, Ca. - One of 5 Render Wranglers. I wrote tools in Perl. The shows were The Grinch, Storm Hunters, and X-Men.

Oct '98 to Jan '00 @ Square USA in Honolulu, Hi. - I was a Modeler and Surfacer in Maya on Final Fantasy “The Spirits Within”.

Media Appearances:

December 2006 ~ Black Enterprise Magazine "Reel Prophets" pg. 120

January 28, 2007 ~ interview @ WVON Chicago with the McClendon Report

September 24, 2014 ~ interview @

Education: B.F.A. in Computer Art, May 1998 ~ Savannah College of Art And Design

3D: Houdini 2D: After-Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Shake, Nuke

Programming: Current: Hscript, Python, Vex. Previously: C, Perl, Qbasic