#61 - Into the Nexus: “Title”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

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Heroes at Gamescom

Lots of stuff to discuss


The Monk (Kharazim) Preview & Trailer

That background in the trailer sure look a whole lot like the Jade Forest in Pandaria.

Monk Abilities

Monk Talents

Level 1

Level 4

Level 7

Level 10

New Battleground Preview: Infernal Shrines

Rexxar Preview

Rexxar will be the next Hero after Kharazim. He was playable on the Gamescom floor and he will be a ranged Warrior.


MIsha joins Rexxar on the battleground. She can tank damage and fight. But she cannot be controlled separately. Misha attacks your target. She can be killed and will return after a certain amount of time.

Rexxar Abilities

Rexxar Talents

Level 1

Level 4

Level 10

Level 13

Level 20

StarCraft Warrior Artanis Preview


New Skins and Mounts


Cleanse Nerf Incoming

Splendour from the European team Na'Vi tweeted a Cleanse change on the Gamescom build - which means it's likely coming in the next patch. It no longer makes targets unstoppable, but gives them resistance to crowd control for 2 seconds. If cast on a disabled target, it still removes disables.

@Splendour: cleanse is also nerfed on top of that

No unstoppable (cant precleanse), cc reduction instead for 2s


Gamescom Talent Changes

Grubby tweets things he noticed while playing the Gamescom Build


Sweeping Grasp (Level 1) Talent now included in Primal Grasp

Shield Assimilation timer increased from 6 sec to 20 sec


Enduring Warriors (Level 7) Talent also increases damage by 20%.

New Talent: Gains a weaker Envenom (110 damage over 6 seconds) but cd reduced for every Minion kill.

New Talent: Level 7 Healing Ward also gives mana regen.

New Talent: Level 13 Orb of Annihilation Mana Reduction

New Talent: Level 20 Two charges of General of Hell

Multiple Unknown Raynor Changes


Dustin Browder Tid Bits

@DaRealBarnY: Anything about the next season of the ladder? Like a Starting Date? Or about the Grand Master League?

@DustinBrowder: No start date is known yet. Not very soon.

@iLOLedSoHard: Oh man, playing HL doesnt feel right, i am now rank 1 and have to create a new account to have fun to climb.

@DustinBrowder: Need Grandmaster League. Will Fix.


Blizzard Trademarks "Compete"

Blizzard appears to have trademarked "Compete" in the US and some EU countries.

The trademark Identification reads: “Providing an online non-downloadable Internet-based system application featuring technology enabling users to organize and promote e-sports tournaments, to create and customize tournament brackets and ladders, track tournament progress, maintain related statistics, and post results.”


How to play against Stealth

Zeratul is picked in 51.1% of all games right now. (5th most popular hero atm)

Nova still picked in 28.5% of all games.

Teamliquid Guide: How to Play Against Stealth 

by Phantom (posted by Shiroiusagi)


How to Play Against Stealth:

Drafting Against Stealth:


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Patron ExcitedSoup

Hi guys, love the show!

I love playing Abathur in Quick Match, and he's my top played hero. However, I never know when to use him in Hero League as I don't really know what 4man comps work without a 5th body in there - what would you suggest?

Thanks and keep up the good work!


Hello Nex-ians, Nexus-ites, Nexi?

I just finished a Cursed Hollow game as Diablo and it had an insane ending. My team and I were attacking their core and had it down to about 60% when I died. 100 souls, let's do this! I book it down the map to the core only to have my team get stomped before I get there. I stop short of the core's attack and unleash my Lightning Breath (it's talented so I know it will reach). Having my blinders on as I left my Hall of Storms, I didn't realize 4 catapults were gently ticking away at my team's core. I charge in, and right as I Fire Stomp.... gg. Our core goes down, theirs at 1%. What a game it was, but what heart breaker as well.

Keep it up guys,


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