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Policies and Procedures

Subject:  Decisions on policy and procedures

Effective Date: 5-31-11

Policy Section:  Administration

Supersedes Policy and Procedure No: None

P & P No: 5

Approved on:  6-21-11

Approved by:  Board

Reviewed: 9-27-12, 9-23-14, 10-04-16

POLICY:  Decision making on policy and procedures

PURPOSE: To establish the procedure for making decisions


A quorum of 1/3 of the board members must vote in-person, telephonically or via email (by date assigned) for a decision on a policy or procedure to past.  


The question will be offered by email (electronic), text, or voice.  Individuals will respond with YEH or NEH.  If an electronic response is requested the board members will have one week to reply.  If there is not a response from the board member they will be considered a YEH.

EVALUATION:  Review Bi-Annually