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WERU Community Radio

Orland, Maine

Statement Regarding Socially Responsible Investing:

The WERU Board of Directors decided on February 16, 2015 at its monthly meeting to invest the organization's $60,000 endowment in a socially responsible manner, a decision that the Board believes reflects the values of WERU.  The two resolutions that passed unanimously are as follows:

 “The WERU Board of Directors endorses the concept of socially responsible investing for its endowment funds.”

 “The WERU Board of Directors requests that Maine Community Foundation transfer our endowment funds from their general investing pool to their socially responsible pool that they now offer client organizations.”

The Board is grateful to the listeners who spoke up about this matter: those who attended a Board meeting, emailed WERU or called in during two recent WERU programs.  The Board is also grateful to the Maine Community Foundation for offering a socially responsible investing option, that includes fossil fuel divestment, in which WERU can place its endowment.

 Questions about this matter may be addressed to Matt Murphy, WERU General Manager, at matt@weru.org.