Judyth Baker: Altgen6 photo pixel analysis


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Pixelation Analysis: Lovelady and Oswald Shirts VS Doorway Figure’s Shirt in Altgens6

Altgens6 shows a tiny figure in the doorway of the Texas State Book Depository Building (TSBD) in the early moments when firing first occurred in the Kennedy assassination. The face of this figure looks troublingly like Lee Harvey Oswald, although a portion of the face also looks like fellow TSBD employee Billy Lovelady. Though Lovelady was described as seated, eating his lunch, at about this time, whilst notes made by Captain Will Fritz include the words “Out front with Bill Shelley” – a statement presumably made by Oswald indicating that he was also outside, and present near the doorway, the Warren Commission concluded that Billy Lovelady was the Doorway Figure.

Lovelady himself would eventually state that HE was the Doorway Figure. Without the statement from Lovelady, there would have been fierce arguments favoring Oswald as the Doorway Figure, largely because the figure seems too slim to be Lovelady. For years, anyone who suggested that the Doorway Figure was not Lovelady was subjected to ridicule. However, with better photos and with the emergence of evidence suggesting that Lovelady’s testimony (and even his likeness) had been manipulated, it seemed to me that a pixel analysis of the shirt of the Doorway Figure might resolve the matter once and for all.

                     When this part of Altgens6 is magnified, various smears and lines suggest retouching or rough handling. Brownian motion in the emulsion of the film could have created some of these anomalies. A significant section of shirtsleeve, however, seems intact, and it was this section of the shirt that was chosen for the pixelation comparison analysis.

                    Method: The original Doorway Figure is a tiny part of a much larger photograph, originally developed as a film composed not of pixels, as photos today are usually created, but of photosensitive chemicals that were then processed in a fluid subjected to a degree of Brownian motion, which distorted some of the pattern seen in the Doorway Figure’s shirt. What appears to some as a hasty and sloppy attempt to retouch the area just under the Doorway Figure’s left cheek with white-out, including a smear that crosses the mouth area and extends into the white-shirted figure to the right, might have been caused by hasty film processing, but the result helped obscure essential facial features

                     Nevertheless, a consensus of observers agree that there are more features in the Doorway Figure’s face that correspond to Oswald’s face than to Lovelady’s. With these considerations in mind, it seemed logical to look closer at the shirt. A large portion of the shirtsleeve can be seen in the Altgens6 photo. It seemed reasonable to compare sections of Lovelady’s and Oswald’s shirtsleeves with the shirtsleeve in Altgens6. To do so, photos of such sections would have to be degenerated to the same degree as the Altgens6 shirtsleeve. On the Internet, the Altgens6 photo is pixelated, as are the FBI photos of Lovelady’s and Oswald’s shirts.

                     Pixelation: in computer graphics and digital photography, to cause (an image) to break up into pixels, as by over-enlarging the image.

Over-enlarging sections of pixelated photos of Lovelady’s and Oswald’s shirtsleeve would cause them to break up into new pixels. This would create a degeneration of the images similar to that seen in the Altgens6 photo of the Doorway Figure’s shirt sleeve. Similar sections of the degenerated images of Lovelady’s and of Oswald’s shirtsleeves could then be compared to the (similarly degenerated) Altgens6 shirtsleeve section.




 Lovelady’s shirt VS Doorway Figure’s Shirt

It could be argued that Lovelady’s shirt MIGHT be a candidate due to what appear to be stripes.


 In contrast, no stripes appear in the shirt Lee wore when he was arrested. But what happens when both photos get degenerated, in a manner similar to how the Altgens6 photo showed a degenerated pattern in the Doorway Figure’s shirt?


 Here’s Billy Lovelady’s shirtsleeve, in black and white….


 Here’s Lee Oswald’s shirtsleeve, in black and white….

We’ll take sections from each left sleeve for the study and tilt them to the Altgens6 angle.


Lovelady's shirtsleeve...tilted to match Doorway Figure's sleeve tilt...


 Lee Oswald's shirtsleeve, also tilted to match Doorway Figure's tilt...


 L magnified

MAGNIFICATION DEGENERATES THE PIXELATION....MAKING IT RESEMBLE THE DETERIORATED PORTION OF THE ALTGENS6 PHOTO SHOWING THE DOORWAY FIGURE...Note that under magnification, the “plaid” effect in “L” remains intact, even though pixel degeneration occurs.



Note that a surprising pattern of boxes and stripes develops in “O” as the pixelation degenerates.

Compare this to Altgens6, magnified, BELOW....




Here a different section of the Altgens6 sleeve is compared with a corresponding section of the Oswald sleeve (tilted to mimic the same angle as the Doorway Figure’s sample):


Similar patterns are seen on the Altgens6 shirtsleeve (ABOVE left) and on Lee Oswald’s left shirtsleeve (ABOVE right) where Oswald’s shirt is subjected to similar pixel degeneration. (Section is higher up on sleeve)

 Whereas we can match patterns from Altgens6 with the surprising patterns that emerge on Lee Oswald's shirt, this is not true of the Lovelady sleeve -- it never loses the 'plaid' effect even when severely degenerated:


Conclusion: The Lovelady shirt retains its distinctive pattern even under severe degeneration, whereas Oswald’s shirt forms surprising boxes and lines similar to what can be seen in the Altgens6 shirtsleeve, when the pattern is magnified, which degenerates the pixelation. Therefore, the shirt seen in the Doorway Figure cannot be the shirt allegedly worn by Billy Lovelady. Further, the pattern of Lee Oswald’s shirt resembles the pattern of the shirt worn by the Doorway Figure when both shirts are subjected to a similar degree of pixelation degeneration.

Judyth Vary Baker 2014