Ulysses 12 is the comprehensive cloud based customer service solution that you need to deliver world class service to your customers.

Ulysses 12 builds on the features and functionality of the previous product generations that have served hundreds of organisations, thousands of users and millions of customers over the past 10 years.  This generation of Ulysses is the the most flexible and easy to use customer service solution yet.

Data Insight with visualised design

Ulysses 12 has a completely new modern web interface combined with an action based workflow wizard that significantly reduces or eliminates user training and increases user adoption across your organisation.  It is designed on the metaphor for visualising with data insight instead of data lists that users have to read to extract meaning.  This is proven to significantly increase the speed of user interactions and reduces user errors dramatically.

Global faceted search

Easily finding the right information fast and working with it in a meaningful way is critical to the user experience and Ulysses 12 provides a powerful and yet easy to use global search function that searches simultaneously across different data sets.  The results are displayed in a clear card based context and with statistical insights into the information returned. The search results can be further filtered or faceted to view the information from a different perspective and the results are instantly updated.  The facets are created dynamically based on the information returned and therefore automatically takes into account the new data and tags.  Different records can be retrieved in the same search and without leaving the search results the user can work with the information with all the functionality of the record in it’s own context.  Bulk actions can be carried out on multiple records by multi selecting the search results.

Hash Tagging

All records can be tagged with either pre-defined tags or dynamically created tags.  This vastly simplifies the amount of data entry required and creates extensibility without boundaries.  All tags are automatically displayed and indexed by the system for fast and easy retrieval.


Users can “favourite” any item in the system for easy access and subscription to automated update feeds for that item.

Timeline Stream

Key to the visualised insightful approach to information presentation is the ability for the user to clearly see what has been going on in relation to this record.  Ulysses 12 present the user with a timeline view that clearly displays the life of that record.  It includes system updates such as escalations, user updates and changes, file attachments, comments and workflow actions.  Advanced timelines can also show an integrated timeline of the information of related items in a merged timeline.

The actions of your users and their teams are also available in a timeline feed and users can collaborate on their activities without leaving their current work.  Individual timeline history is also always available to the users to make it easy for them to go back to an activity they were working on before they were taken from the task.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 21.21.25.png

Chat Collaboration

Users can collaborate on any activity from any device via the chat functionality.  Chat is integrated with the timeline and is always in the context of an item.  The contextual functionality brings meaning and context to the communication of the participants.  The participants can include customers, third parties and your staff.  Staff can flag messages as off the record and these will never be seen by external parties.  Comments can be ‘liked’ by any user and therefore highlighting these comments for easy future reference.  This enables a whole new channel of customer interactions and service delivery collaboration.


Social media Integration

Integration with corporate twitter accounts, facebook accounts and other social channels generates automated cases in Ulysses 12 based on keyword matching or classification.  This can also trigger workflow and automated responses.  Updates can be automatically posted back to the social media stream.  This is a great way to stay on top of your customer feedback.

Multi Party Involvement

Ulysses 12 has the ability to handle multiple involved parties in any interaction.  Other involved parties could be associates, lawyers, suppliers, departments and other organisations.  This is particularly of benefit to users that are intermediaries in handling the customer interactions.  

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

Service level agreements drive the timelines in Ulysses.  They can be applied to many aspects of the system, from customers to assets and categories.  Any SLA may have multiple timelines and service calendars associated with it.  The service calendars can be set up to take into account non working days and holidays along with service hours.  Ulysses caters for the most sophisticated SLA requirements with ease, always selecting the appropriate SLA from the matrix.  Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 20.44.27.png

Powerful analytics

Ulysses is delivered with a set of 30 industry standard reports.  In addition to this, Ulysses employs an easy to use OLAP Data Analysis that provides both ad hoc and pre-prepared insights into the data.  

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 20.30.13.png

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 20.58.27.png

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 20.38.16.png

Powerful and Secure API support

The Ulysses 12 API suite includes a powerful set of secure API’s for easy integration with both web and legacy systems.  The API suite includes:

Responsive design

Ulysses 12 had been built for mobility access on a fully responsive design premise.  Responsive web design is an approach to web design that enables websites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience.  This delivers easy reading and navigation with a minimum amount of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.

Cross platform browser support

In order to maximise user access, Ulysses 12 is accessible on all major browsers that support Acid 1/2/3, CSS 2.1, XSLT and XHTML 1.1.  This includes: Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge,  Safari and Opera.

Native Android and iOS apps

In addition to Ulysses responsive design, Ulysses 12 is delivered with dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.  These have the added benefit of being able to interact with the device to include step by step map navigation, camera and video.

Cloud Architecture

Ulysses is an Internet application from the ground up.  It is build for cloud deployment and scalability. QMS partner with Amazon to deliver a faultless, timely and seamless user experience worldwide while delivering unparalleled uptime, support and security.


While a large number of clients are happy with to embrace Ulysses in the Public cloud, there is also a significant number of organisations that wish to deploy Ulysses within their own infrastructure.  Ulysses 12 fully supports deployments:

Ulysses can also be delivered as a hybrid solution which can facilitate deeper integrations and work with organisational and government data protection policies.

Action driven model

Ulysses 12 is driven by user actions that equate to business processes, controlled by workflow.  This significantly reduces user error and training requirements while simplifying the user experience.  When used in combination with workflow, the actions change dynamically and guide the user through the process.  Ulysses 12 even suggests the appropriate action in a given context.

Customisable Workflows

Ulysses employs customisable workflows to manage business processes.  Our native workflows employ industry standards and recognised best practice.  However one size does not fit all when it comes to the details of business processes.  The true potential of Ulysses is in the ability for Ulysses to adapt to your specific business needs without complex programming or re-work.  Combined with our action model, Ulysses delivers a seamless and guided user experience that matches your business.

User access made simple

User access and control in Ulysses supports single sign on with:

Using a third party authentication provider can eliminate the need for user administration and password management within Ulysses

Customer portal

Your customers - both internal and external - can be provided access to Ulysses giving them the ability to:

The Ulysses 12 customer portal significantly reduces the workload for your internal staff while assisting to deliver a top quality service available 24/7.  

Personalised homepage

Personalised homepages keep the user focused on their key metrics and activities.  Usually users select a dashboard for their homepage and it is automatically filtered for information related to their activities, their teams and their customers.  The homepage also can display message broadcast and activity logs to keep their work load balanced and on target

Real Time Dashboards

Ulysses has a built in powerful and user configurable dashboard.  The dashboard can be configured with many types of graphs and charts along with flexible indicators.  These can be refined to show keep the user focussed on their own Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of those of the team.  All the dashboards are real time and support drill down to the base records.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 21.30.35.png


Indicators in Ulysses provide users with at a glance feedback on their important statistics and progress.  They can be easily configured and have full drill down support.  

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 21.33.00.png

Micro Indicators

Micro indicators provide similar information to an indicator and are embedded in the record display.  This provides meaningful and additional contextual information about the record.  These micro indicators provide summary and statistics without the need to drill down or access the record directly.   Results of the micro indicator can be used to colourise the record display to bring particular records to the attention of the user on a dynamic basis.  It is often employed in the case of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) breach so the user can see if there is a breach for a client at first sight.

CTI Integration and VoIP

Ulysses is integrated with many leading PBX solutions to automatically display the caller details from within Ulysses based on the inbound number.  It is also used for click to call outbound follow up and marketing activities.  Direct calling with VoIP from within Ulysses is also supported.

Smart Screen Designer and Generator

Ulysses 12 has an inbuilt screen generator and designer.  This enables quick changes to the users screens without programming and completely new screens to be added based on the business processes.  The screen designer automatically creates and manages any overlay dialogues required by the Object Model.  These screens adhere to the responsive design standards that Ulysses is built on and renders perfectly on any device.  

Wizard driven data entry

To improve data entry speed, accuracy and consistency Ulysses uses wizard based data entry forms.  These also have the advantage of being able to branch dynamically change the inputs based on the user’s previous entries. This results in the  user being led through the data entry required by the business workflow and eliminates common data entry mistakes.  In addition , validation is carried out on each page of the data entry wizard.

System Alerts and Notification Engine

Ulysses 12 has a powerful configurable notification engine that continuously monitors the system for pre-determined events.  When an event match is found, the actions for that event is processed.  system events and data events are monitored.  The event commonly triggers email notifications but equally it may trigger a workflow process or action.

Knowledge base

Ulysses has it’s own knowledge base that is built up from information recorded in the system.  The articles can be reviewed before they are published and automatically anonymised  if required.  The knowledge base can be deployed to the customer portal for self service.


Segmentation tool

Segmentation of the customer base for marketing and analysis purposes is supported with comprehensive selection tools.  Segmentation can be dynamic, such as customers with more than three requests in the last three months or static, such as contacts in a selected region.  The segmented group can be handled as one in terms of email and phone marketing, surveys and analysis.

Multi language

Ulysses is localised in many languages, but it also supports simultaneous multi language, based on the user’s profile.

Multi Currency

Any number of simultaneous currencies are supported and are all converted to base currency for accurate reporting and analysis.  Customer and user locale can be used to determine the selected currency.  

Canned responses

Common queries can be responded to by selecting canned responses and automatically sending these to the requestor if required.  This is big time saver for the user and enables standardisation of communication with the requestor. Knowledge base articles can also be used to provision canned responses.


Customer satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfraction surveys can be automated and delivered to the user by email, with follow up reminders.  The email contains a link to the Ulysses system that contains the survey page.

User profiles and themes

Users can select from a variety of themes and layouts to suit their own choice and flair.  The profiles a user is given effectively controls what the user can see and the theme controls how the information is presented to the user.  

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 21.37.38.png

Drag and drop file attachments with preview

Ulysses 12 supports file attachments of all types or optionally restricted to a set of file types and size.  Attachments can be dragged from the desktop or other folders and dropped on the record in Ulysses.  Ulysses will upload it and store it in the appropriate location for future download or display.

download (1).png

Escalation engine (Time and data driven)

Ulysses has it’s own escalation engine that is integrated into the business processes.  Escalation rules and actions can be set based on timelines and data conditions.  Automated escalation actions are carried out by the escalation engine these actions can deliver email alerts, chat notifications, update data, colour code items for visual cues and trigger dashboard updates.

Business Rules engine

The Ulysses Business rules engine is usually employed with the workflow system and enables specific business rules to be enforced based on the time or data.  A workflow contains the steps and choices in a process but the business rules engine enforces controls.  A widely used business rule in Ulysses is one that restricts the discount on a quote by user group.  If a larger discount is requested by the user, an approval workflow is triggered for the quote before it is released to the customer.

Document template engine with PDF and HTML output

Documents can be automatically generated and populated by Ulysses from a set of context sensitive templates.  The user can edit the document before it is saved or converted to PDF and it automatically attached to the record.  The generated document can be emailed directly to the customer or can be printed.

Automated email generation

Automatic email generation can be invoked by the user or scheduled as part of a campaign.  The email can have links directly back into the item referenced in Ulysses so the user can click through directly into the system assuming the recipient has the appropriate Ulysses permissions.  The automated email is also invoked by the notification process when required.  All emails generated by the system are stored against the item for referral.  Depending on configuration, the recipient can reply to the email and the email conversation is managed and stored in Ulysses.

Detailed audit trail

All interactions in Ulysses are fully recorded for audit purposes.  This can be switched off, selectively or completely, by the administrator.  As it tends to generate a lot of data the information is stored in a separate audit database but this data can be made available from within Ulysses if required.


Object Modeling and Data Designer

The Object Modelling and Data Designer enables administrator users map their business onto Ulysses from data perspective to interactions.  Objects created can be extended and inherited.  Therefore actions defined for the primary object are automatically enabled for child objects. The definition of the objects is used for the Smart Screen Generation.  This delivers a flexible and easy to manage customisation engine without programming.  

Role and Profile Based Security

When there are users accessing the system that have varied responsibility and roles it is vital that the systems supporting those users have a the right access at the right time but within the constraints of the organisation security and privilege policy.  Ulysses achieves this via a multi dimensional security model and can therefore ensure compliance to the most stringent security requirements.

Recognised Cloud Compliant Security

Ulysses 12 on the Amazon Cloud ensures compliance with SAS70 Type II audits, under both the SSAE 16 and the ISAE 3402 professional standards. In addition to Service Organization Controls 1 (SOC 1), compliance with Service Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2), Type II is adhered to. Similar to the SOC 1 in the evaluation of controls, the SOC 2 expands the evaluation of controls to the criteria set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Trust Services Principles and provides the AICPA SysTrust Security Seal based on the AICPA’s Security Trust Principles.  In addition, ISO 27001 certification, and has been successfully validated as a Level 1 service provider under the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security.

Automated backups and Disaster Recovery

Whether your Ulysses has been deployed On Premise, Public Cloud or Private Cloud, it can be automatically backed up to the Ulysses backup cloud giving you turnkey Disaster Recovery if required.  

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