Exploring Computer Science

Teacher:  Mr. Alvey

Phone: 435-628-5255 ext 129

Email: zack.alvey@washk12.org  

Web Page: http://alveyworld.pineview.org

Online classroom: http://classroom.powerschool.com

Course Description

Exploring Computer Science is designed to introduce students to the field of computer science through exploration. The course is designed to focus on the conceptual ideas of computing and help students understand why certain tools or languages might be utilized to solve particular problems. The goal of Exploring Computer Science is to develop in students the computational thinking practices. Students will also be introduced to topics such as interface design, limits of computers and societal and ethical issues.

Things you will need:

  1. Notebook for just this class. We will be writing in a daily journal.
  2. Headphones (¼ jack, or usb) for sound on the computers.


Grades will be a percentage of time spent learning compared to the amount of time available in the classroom. This includes completion of any assignments or tests given. Attendance is critical. Full participation is mandatory.

Grading Scale:

A = 93 to 100%

B+ = 87 to 89%

B- = 80 to 82%

C = 73 to 76%

A- = 90 to 92%

B = 83 to 86%

C+ = 77 to 79%

C- = 70 to 72%

Classroom Rules:


2. Active Learning

3. Computers are for learning, not for person use or entertainment

4. Help me keep the lab clean

I communicate with you via email, please make sure to check your washington county email address that ends with @washk12.org

Acceptable Use Policy

Mr. Alvey’s Computer Lab

In addition to the rules and regulations put forth by the Washington County School District AUP, the computers and Internet access in my laboratory are to be used only for learning. Violation of the acceptable use policy will result in loss of computer privileges and/or dismissal from the class. Inappropriate and/or abusive use of the computers and Internet access will not be tolerated and may result in state or federal punishment. Inappropriate and/or abusive uses include: Bullying, Pornography, Gambling, Security Hacking, Piracy, Vandalism, Theft, etc.

The computers and Internet access available in my lab are powerful tools provided for learning and must be treated with respect and used with great responsibility.

I____________________________________________(parent/guardian), have read and understand the above Disclosure and Acceptable Use Policy, including the associated Washington County acceptable use policy (AUP), and hereby give permission for my student to use the computers and Internet access provided in Mr. Alvey’s laboratory, and will take responsibility for any misuse.

X_____________________________________________         ______________________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                         Date

I____________________________________________(student’s full name), have read and understand the above Disclosure and Acceptable Use Policy and hereby promise to respect Mr. Alvey's laboratory, including the associated Washington County acceptable use policy (AUP), and will take full responsibility if I misuse the computers and Internet access.

X_____________________________________________         ______________________

Student Signature                                                Date

*****An EMAIL from your parent/guardian will count as a signature of agreement to the AUP****