Elevation Guidelines

Teams: Teams must consist of at least 4 players and a max. of 12.

Participants under the age of 18 must have a signed waiver from their

parental guardian.

Teams participation in events: A team may only have two substitute

players on their roster in an event. The only exception being the Open

and AA/A levels which may have 3. The standard sub rules will apply. (2

across or 2 up or (1 down and 1 across or up) these subs and their

team name and level must be submitted on the team roster before the

teams first game of the tournament. Obviously, all registered members are available to be subs. The player's level of play is determined by the level of play the team is designated as. Not the level of play the individual chooses. In some instances certain players may be restricted from playing at lower levels (safety issue). These players will contacted directly.

Elevation Player Registration: Players competing in elevation events must be a registered member and in good standing with Elevation. The individual cost for an adult membership is $5. The membership is paid at the team's first event. Players paying with Venmo must include team name and team captain with payment. (@jerry-malicki) The team may not participate if there are any unpaid memberships due on the team. Register at http://elevationvb.com/ A player may only sign up

for one team excluding age group teams (40+, 50+ ect...) Males can not play on female teams. Team registration must be completed 2 days before the first tournament the team plays in or online if the resources are in place.

Additional players: Teams may add additional players at anytime prior

to the team's first game of a tournament provided they have proof of membership

Elevation Team Registration: To register your team with Elevation visit http://elevationvb.com/ your team

must provide all the appropriate player info in good standing.

Level of Play: teams are required to register at the highest level of

play that the team is capable of.

Events: A list of events can be found at http://elevationvb.com/

Event Registration: To register for an event please visit http://elevationvb.com/ and select the Schedule & Event Info / Event Registration link at the top of the page. Select and register for the events you want to participate in. All events are prepaid first pay first pay. Send a check for each event made payable to Jerry Malicki to 153 Freyn Dr Centerville Ohio 45458. Unless you have submitted a hold check. (which is used by 99% of the teams) You will be allowed to use Venmo at your team's first event. More info below.

Event fee as follows:

Open or AA/A = $150

All others = $120

Specialty events: May be higher ie Championships and Air City

You are immediately registered if you have a “Hold Check” on file. Hold check = one event fee. To use the Hold Check option simply mail a check to Jerry Malicki 153 Freyn Dr Centerville Ohio 45458 (Please make payable to Chris Conner and write hold check in the comments section). This check will not be cashed unless your team drops after the deadline. Dropping after the deadline (listed below) will result in your Hold Check being cashed immediately and you are required to send a replacement "Hold Check" within 72 hours or all of your future entries will be void.

By entering your team you agree to following.... A 7-day is required to withdraw without penalties. After which the entry fee is accessed. No call no shows will not be tolerated. If you have a “Hold Check” The Captain/Contact that registers the team is responsible for the fee. Team payment is due the morning of the event. Pay entire amount before you play. If play is stopped during the event to collect fees your team will be accessed a team delay penalty (1pt). It is highly encouraged that team captains collect additional funds from players to cover late or half day players.

Levels of play: will consist of AA, AA/A, A, BB,

B. The AA is used to describe the highest level of play. The AA/A designation is used for the teams that fall into the gray area between AA and A. These teams are asked to participate in at least 2 AA/A events during the series. A committee of peers will be formed to evaluate teams with regards to their proper level of play.

Awards and Points: Individual awards will be given to the champion.

(Max 8). It is the goal of Elevation to award prizes that are a cut

above the typical standard. As expected the value in prizes will be

graduated to the level of play. A team is also awarded points based on

event outcome. A point average is used for team ranking purposes.

These ranking will help determine seeding in future events as well as the Elevation/OVR Regionals. Dual role players: A dual role may be granted to select skilled position players Dual role doc

Elevation Championships: This event is basically the season finals.

Teams must play in at least 2 events at a particular level to

participate. If there is room the week before a waiver may be given so that teams that have only participated in 1 event can register. There will be team awards as well as individual awards

for all finalists.

Uniform Requirements: Identical numbered shirts. Numbers must be 4 - 6 inch front (centered) 6-8 back (centered).

Number color must contrast uniform shirt.  Please save yourself the hassle and adhere to ovr requirements when

having shirts printed. Matching shorts are recommended but not required.

The uniform and anything on the player may not pose a risk to himself or herself or there opponent. No dangling jewelry will be permitted.

Other Rules:


Net rule: The entire net is live during play.

Centerline rule: An entire body part can not cross the centerline during play.