The Apex Page

To access Apex from Home Click the Link below.

The Step by Step guide to getting into Apex.

  1. Create your Gmail account.        
  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your username then
  1. welcome is your temporary password.
  1. Navigate to
  1. Click Student
  2. Click on Apex
  3. That will land you here.
  1. View this video RIGHT Click Here (Open new tab)
  1. If you are not sure about wanting to graduate stop here.
  2. Apex students are held to higher standards of:
  3.  attendance,
  4.  academic performance
  5. and behavior.
  1.  Read the Apex Code of Conduct RIGHT Click Here (Open new tab)
  2. Take the Apex Readiness Quiz Right Click Here (Open new tab)
  3. Open the Apex Readiness Matrix Right Click Here (Open new tab)
  1. You must use your account to access the Apex Readiness Matrix.
  2. Go to File
  3. Select “Make a copy…
  4. Enter your username (First initial, last initial and ID number)
  1. ex: badams151008 Apex Readiness Matrix
  2. Click Done.
  1. In the upper right share the file with your advisor, your current teachers, Ben and Brian.
  1. With your advisor, during advisory, double check you meet the attendance requirement.
  2. Nicely, remind your teachers to enter their approval for Apex.
  3. Once your form is complete, your advisor, during advisory, will let Brian know you are good to go.