Woodthorpe York Community Group (WYCG)

Committee Meeting Minutes


05th January 2017




The Dick Turpin Inn, Moorcroft Road, Woodthorpe, York


All residents of Woodthorpe


Sarah Brown, Kevin Baker, Sarah Thompson, Carole Henson, Joanne Blewett, Claire Elcock .Jo Millner, Mary Passeri, Stephen Fenton


Sarah King, Dan Furby

  1. Agree minutes of last meeting

  1. No amendments required
  1. Woodthorpe Merry & Bright

  1. All lights were removed 5th Jan, Tree will be chopped up and removed 6th Feb.
  1. Outstanding emails or facebook/twitter messages

  1. Cat feeding service to add to website
  2. Facebook only have 81% reply rate - SB to look into why
  3. It was suggested that we unlink facebook and twitter and try tweet more and get followers. - SB to look  into
  1. Next Events

  1. Quiz
  1. community quiz  between community groups within Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward- SB to ask Michal and discuss at ward team meeting
  1. Country & Western
  1. Fund raising country & western , friday night - pub seats approx 60-70 , £3 per ticket with a raffle. Pay on the door. Maybe in May
  1. Ship inn Quiz - Acaster Malbis
  1. Sarah Brown and Claire Elcock to send a letter to the ship Inn to request a month of fundraising contributions
  2. We would like to get a quiz team together from the community to attend the quiz at the ship, which we think is on a wednesday.
  1. Dementia Awareness Information Session
  1. Funding

  1. Yorventure
  1. Details will be on the website in the new year and the funding awarded in August.
  1. Coop have community funding projects we could apply for.
  2. The council park funding will be confirmed in february, we need to look at ways to top it up.
  3. Could we apply on the success of the running / walking group for fitness stations around the area, not a complete fitness area but smaller stations on a trail.
  1. AOB

  1. GoodGym
  1. An organised running group which will run to our area and do a job, such as paint a fence, then run back again. Could we get them to deliver leaflets?
  1. Men shed was mentioned as an opportunity for both people in the area to get involved, and for us as a community to get help with projects.
  2. Moor Lane youth centre was discussed as an option for a youth club / activity venue. Teenagers in the area have nothing, especially in the school holidays:
  1. Other ideas for youth provisions is a to have a sitting room marquee gazebo/tent style area that they decorate and furnish themselves - could link it to the summer fair - Pop up community centre
  1. Other ideas thrown out for future discussion
  1. School children to make cards to post out to residents
  2. Shared school dinners with the elderly
  3. Escorts to places, like bus buddy
  4. Gym corner - we could have fitness equipment along a trail
  5. Can we put posters in doctors and dentists
  1. Next Meeting is AGM on 2nd Feb

  1. Prepare for AGM
  1. Re-address the survey, what we have done, next priorities.
  2. Maybe need a new survey or newsletter, with a grump sheet for people to put their ideas on

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