English 10

19 February 2015

Work with your class to write a definition of a civilized society:

A civilized society is one in which people have rules, laws, etc...

Work with a partner or small group to brainstorm reasons and provide textual evidence to support both sides of the following question:

Is the Ibo culture, as presented in the novel, a civilized society? Yes, because in the novel they have set rules, what they can and cannot do.

Evidence that Ibo culture _is_ civilized: Their set rules.

Evidence that Ibo culture is _not_ civilized: They aren’t organized 

Is our culture more or less violent than the Ibo culture as depicted in Things Fall Apart? We are less violent.

Does religion make a society civilized? Yes we do because we have laws, rules, government, etc...

Is the Ibo practice of multiple wives more or less civilized than the practice of divorce? If i were them I’d rather get a divorce. Instead of being used.

How is our culture’s system of justice similar to or different from the Ibo’s? Our cultures are the same because we have rules, laws, and government.