The Sweet Sound of Music

If you really love music and dancing, you've probably thought of having a party with a musical theme. HotRef is a company that sells favors for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and other life events – and we have some of the greatest musical favors around!


Bookmarks are a great favor to give at your birthday or wedding - they'll strike just the right note with your guests! And when you have a treble clef bookmark or bookmarks that have a variety of musical notes, it's perfect for any musical event too!

Music Note Bookmark from

Musical Note Bookmark Favors from


Keychains and Trinket Boxes

This keychain favor with assorted music notes can go on any keychain! You can get personalized tags with this item if you order 27 or more, so it's an easy way to remind your guests of the great time they had, sharing music with you!

Musical Note Keychain Favors from

Everyone needs a trinket box! It's a convenient place to store small, easy to lose things. With the silver treble clef on this box, you can provide an elegant favor to your guests at the classiest of occasions.

Music Note Trinket Box from



Bottle Openers and Bottle Stopper

Yes, now you can also get a bottle opener in the shape of a treble clef! In fact, HotRef carries two different designs, one with rhinestones and one without rhinestones - both appropriate for more adult evenings or just friends who enjoy music.

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Of course, if you are having an adult evening, you'll definitely want to check out our music bottle stoppers! With the elegant presentation, you can feel confident handing this out or just using it as a decoration!

Music Bottle Stopper from



Place Card Holders

For most parties, you'll want an easy way to direct guests to their seats. Fortunately, HotRef has a wide variety of place card holders! For the conductor in your life, there's the music stand place card holder - it comes with blank place cards and really stands up to the job.

Music Stand Place Card Holders from



This treble clef place card holder matches wonderfully with the bookmark and bottle opener. It also holds photos and is a real conversation piece!

Music Note Place Card Holder from



If you're more of a dancing fool, these elegant dancing shoe place card holders are for you! With the princess style and the satin bow, you can make every guest feel like the belle of the ball!

Belle of the Ball Place Card Holder from



Frame and Candle

These picture frames have a wonderful black and white design! It measures 7" x 7" and can hold a 4" x 6" photo. It can also be used to display table numbers and are great gifts!

Music Design Glass Photo Frame from



And to light up your affair, this classy glass candle has music notes all the way around it. You can use it at recitals or other musical celebrations!

Musical Note Candle Holder from



Shoe Polishers

If you love dancing the night away, this shoe polisher kit will definitely come in handy! It can be personalized with a variety of colors and will make you want to put your dancing shoes on!

Shoe Polisher Kit from