Where I’m From

By Student 93465

Inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon

I am from soft, colorful, fluffy blankets.

From food filled cabinets and comfy, soft beds.

I am from the brown couch in the fireplace room and

the welcoming feeling of coming home.

I am from the the bright green hostas.

The hard oak trees.

I’m from Friday night movie nights and gleaming blue eyes.

From Megan and Mallory.

I’m from twirling hair and looking at houses.

And from saying “like” in every sentence.

I’m from listen more and talk less and you are loved by your family and God.

And I See the Moon and The Moon Sees Me.

I’m from eating Chinese food every Christmas Eve.

I’m from New Hampshire and Ireland,

great grandma's banana bread and my aunt's delicious cakes.

From cutting a finger, to kind, strict, loving, and awesome,

to my grandma’s jewelry box that sits next to my bed.