Part 7: Formative Evaluation Report

Part 7a: Evaluation survey

The following questions will be asked of the subject matter expert during the expert review





Message Design

Are the goals and objectives for the instruction accurate?

Is the content accurate and up-to-date

Goals are absolutely in line with the IB extended requirements, according the criteria for student to be entered in 2015.

Does the content present a consistent perspective of the requirements of primary research in EE as defined by the IBO?

Very much so. It goes further than that in enabling the students to actually carry out the precise research mandated by the IB program.

Does the technology chosen function properly(website, links to external websites, wiki pages, downloadable documents)

Very much so. There is are clear distinctions between the main road by which the student picks up the essential research skills,  the opportunities the student has to apply them to EE research, and the facility to consolidate and advance those faculties to critical analysis of methods used and results obtained.

Are the learning materials chosen easy to access?

Is the designed website easy to navigate?

Are the supporting graphics, embedded videos good ways to enhance learning?

Is the timeframe of 3-5 hours of instruction appropriate?

Are directions clear for all tasks?

The website content, presentation, and navigation procedures currently under construction seem to be all clear, use-friendly, with attractiveness-potential that should fully engage the serious EE economics student. The main content of the course including interactive activities should fit into the above timeframe, though obviously more hours will need to put in for effective student follow-up of the suggested links.





Message design

Are the goals and objectives clearly stated for each step?

Are the samples, activities and feedback points realistic?

Is the purpose of the workshop stated clearly?  

Yes – as outlined in the above comment.

Is the structure of the website appropriate and easy to navigate? Certainly.

Is the pedagogical approach consistent with instructional methods used in the IB online Economics courses? Absolutely – it is indeed a counterpart to the material that they already effectively employ.

Is it made easy to access the instructor and peers?  Definitely, as long as it is appropriately marketed to teachers. Perhaps they could have a free introductory session with the company as a way of drawing them in to this form of education.

Is the vocabulary chosen appropriate for the target audience?

Do tabs organize the content well?   Yes to both 





Message design

Are the goals relevant to the learners?

Is the content appealing? Certainly.

Is the instruction appropriate for creating positive attitudes in learners? As long as feedback to the more open-ended questions is immediate and individual-based. Remember that the average student is there for his or her project.

Is navigation of the website easy and straightforward?

Are the message and media chosen pleasing? Yes – it should look terrific when finished, and catch the enthusiasm of the students.