Lake Monticello’s management and pool employees follow the recommendations of the Red Cross and the National Lightning Safety Institute in their guidelines referring to pool safety in the event of thunder and lightning.

Their policy is that the pool must be cleared for thirty minutes after thunder is heard.  You may remain on deck until lightning is seen during this time.  At the first sign of lightning the pool deck must be cleared.  No one will be allowed back on deck until thirty minutes after the last instance of thunder or lightning is observed.

The pool manager is ultimately responsible for requiring the clearing of the deck, keeping the time since the last event, and allowing the return of swimmers to the deck.  All pool staff are responsible for initiating warnings for thunder and lightning, the clearing of the pool deck, and in assisting in the return of swimmers to the pool deck upon the completion of the elapsed time.

There is shelter to be had under the deck of the main clubhouse next to the pool, with the possibility of waiting out the storm in the basement level of the clubhouse.  If room is not available we would suggest returning to your vehicles.