#82 - The Angry Chicken: “Title”

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30 Million Players in Hearthstone

Tuesday morning, the official Hearthstone Twitter account proclaimed the news: "BY THE POWER OF RAGNAROS, 30 million players have joined us by the hearth! Thanks for pulling up a chair!"


Heroes of the Storm Cross-Game Loot Includes HS Card Back

This is datamined info.  It will likely happen but is not 100% a sure thing.

Heroes of the Storm fan site HeroesNexus.com datamined the upcoming patch for the upcoming Open Beta release of Heroes of the Storm. They found a card back for Hearthstone that will be awarded to players in Heroes that reach an account level of 12. With the Open Beta for Heroes starting on June 2nd, it is likely that this card back will be available then or soon after.


Challengestone Tournament

The unique Hearthstone tournament Challengestone played through this weekend.  In this tournament, players had to build decks from scratch, within a time limit, while conforming to some unique restrictions on their building.  After this phase, they went through a single elimination tournament, competing for a 1st place prize of $1800.

The deck building restriction was as follows: Creatures must have odd-number attack. Spells must have even-number mana cost.

From the small group of 8 invited players, Trump took second and Kibler took first.

This lead to interesting deck building. Kibler for example went with Druid since you still had access to things like Innervate, Wild Growth, and Swipe with the even-number mana cost restriction.



Quick mention

A very cool little tool to watch matchups if you are wondering about a new deck


Tempo Mage w/ Flamewaker

Recently FreiKuk was able to reach rank #1 EU with the Flamewaker Tempo deck. Here is the version I had been using which is actually very close to his.

Dills Tempo:




Savjz w/ Archmage and Toshley:


China Flamewaker


Notes and Match ups

Optional cards:

Crazy Game Stories

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No Name

Greetings from Earth, Earthlings!

So, I had the most incredibly lucky win just the other day, and I wanted you to see the ridiculousness. So, the board was like this: a hatched Nerubian, a Knife Juggle-o, and an Imp Gang Boss. The opposing Hunter had no minions, and an empty hand. He was at 17, and I was at 2. So me passing would result in death by Steady Shot. I added up some numbers and began to laugh maniacally. I used Power Overwhelming on my Boss, swung to the face with everything, (dropping him to four) and proceeded to Imp-losion my gang boss for three. This resulted in three 1 damage pings from my juggle-o, and the imp boss taking the hit gave me  the final imp to throw the final knife of my final game of the day, reducing the cancer hunters HP to a beautiful number: 0. Keep up the great work, and love the RNG.


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Hey Garrett

I am a fan of your podcast and I was thinking of trying to set up a similar thing for the card game Bridge (if you don't know what it is, it is usually known as an old persons card game and your Grandma might play it)

Anyway I am a young Bridge player trying to bring bridge into the 21st century and liked your show and was thinking of setting up something kinda similar and was wondering if you could give me some advice or answer some of my questions.

I was wondering how do you get multiple webcams on one screen, do you use some program like Skype or something else?

I like the overlay for Angry Chicken, do you have any general overlays I could use or suggestions on setting up an overlay?

What do you use for the sound effects that you sometimes use?

Do you have any general tips or common issues that you face?

Cheers, Pete Hollands


Hi there (insert clever angry chicken reference here) first of thank you for the show, I've written before about how much I love listening to you guys and girl but it bears repeating :) I'll get straight to the point. Recently I joined a TACpodcast game night for the first time and in a single night my friends list went from zero to 8! Oh how I regret getting rid of that spectating quest for a free pack now!

It was so much fun creating random decks and playing against other people while also chatting and joking around and then spectating other people's matches while trying not to give away the cards in their hands. Tons of fun and I will definitely be back for more. The thing is though I logged on the next day to play some Hearthstone and looking at my now abundant list of available friends I wished there was some way we could chat together in the game without having 8 different chat windows open. Something like WoW guild chat where everyone could see what we were all saying to each other and be part of one big chat.

Is there a function on battle.net that would fulfill this need? Can you throw it Blizzards' way since they obviously love making games as social as possible? Is there a third party app that I should be using? Thanks for reading my email I'd love to hear your thoughts.






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