There will be a brief general State College Cycling Club meeting on January 16 at 6:00 at Champs on South Atherton. The main agenda item will be to hold elections. We will elect a partial officer slate based on the new bylaws. Immediately following, there will be a Happy Hour with refreshments provided by the Club. Drinks will be available for purchase.

Staggered elections are called for in the newly-adopted Bylaws to help ensure leadership continuity.  For the 2020 year, 3 Board Member terms expire, 4additional ones expire in 2021 laid out as follows:

Those Board Members with terms expiring in 2019 are welcome to resubmit as candidates. Other Club Members are encouraged to become candidates for positions as well. Once elections are conducted, the elected Board Members will determine officer roles for the coming year at a subsequent meeting. If your're interested in being a candidate for a Board position please submit your name via email to Dale Fritts at or Paul Gibbons a

Other items of general interest: