Slivka: The Historical Timeline

Sam Davidson, Director of Publications 15-16

Slivka Hall was built in 2002 as Northwestern's residential college devoted to science and engineering. It was named after Ben Slivka, a Northwestern graduate of 1982 who headed Microsoft's Internet Explorer team up to version 3.0. –Wikipedia[1]

Note: before December 11, 2015, the College Staff was called the “Master Staff,” and was comprised of the Faculty Master, Associate Master, and Assistant Master.

The Science and Engineering Residential College was previously in Lindgren Hall before transitioning to the Slivka building under the mastership of Allen Taflove.

4/2/06 Earliest preserved record of Exec and House meeting minutes. Unfortunately, these minutes give only first names of board members and do not include their roles. Based on these minutes, it is clear that these were not the first meetings of the board; nothing introductory is discussed. Instead, the board primarily discusses upcoming events much as it does today. Discussed events include: firesides, P2P, Relay for Life, group bonding, IM sports, Green Cup, RCB Field Day (including preparing to push the Master in a shopping cart), and going to see a Wolves game.

Other familiar concepts discussed: The board tried to schedule a trip to see a musical, but the only available day was Dillo Day. The (presumed) Treasurer asked the members of the board to draft budgets. The (presumed) IT Chair reported significantly updating the website.


Master: Art Schmidt

Associate Master: Owen Priest

Associate Master: Cynthia Pierre

President: Erick Bennet

VP: Greg Go

Treasurer: Peien Liu

Secretary of Academic Affairs: Jim Fakonas

Secretary of Faculty Affairs: Robert Metzler

Secretary of Social Affairs: Tiffany Wu

Secretary of Philanthropic Affairs: Lindsey Tengerstrom

Director of Facilities: Dave Hunkins

IT Director: Chris Liman

Historian: Allie Zhang

During this year, the Exec Board sets up Slivka’s Google Calendar and advertises it to students. This is the first year of Universal Marloks on the suites, allowing all Slivkan keys access to each others’ suites. Prior to that, Slivkans could only access their own suites. Life before Universal Marloks was “miserable” because Slivkans had to knock on suite doors and hope someone would hear and let you in (source: testimony by Ben Farah on 5/25/08).

5/21/07 A student requests help paying $450 for services his group sold at Bachelor Auction. The Exec Board decides not to help, since the fault lies with the student’s group for selling more than they could afford to provide, and not the Exec Board. The Exec Board does not want to set a precedent for bailing out Slivkans who make mistakes or are reckless with money.

10/14/07 Thefts are reported: a vacuum cleaner, an ethernet cable, a computer mouse.

2/29/08 Exec votes not to allow absentee voting at Exec elections. Though it seems to some members that everyone should have a chance to vote even if they can’t attend elections, others believe that only Slivkans who have heard the speeches of candidates should be allowed to vote. In addition, the people who feel that Exec elections are important will arrange their schedules in order to be able to attend.


Master: Art Schmidt

Associate Master: Owen Priest

Assistant Master: Cynthia Pierre

President: Peien V. Liu

VP: Alan Wong

Treasurer: Jonathan Saathoff

Secretary of Academic Affairs: Benjamin Farah

Secretary of Faculty Affairs: Stephanie Hu

Secretary of Social Affairs: Natalyn Wong

Secretary of Philanthropic Affairs: Olivia Lui

Director of Facilities: Brandon Merling

IT Chair: Quang Le

Historian: Michelle Miller

During this era, at the beginning of Exec meetings, Exec holds a motion to accept the minutes of the previous week. The academic, faculty, and social committees all appoint a diversity chair and a publicity chair, and some committees have “floor reps.” The historian does not have a committee.

3/11/08 IT Chair Quang Le announces that Windows Vista will be installed on “middle computer.”

4/13/08 At a house meeting, Slivkans select the official Slivka colors by vote: blue and silver.

4/27/08 At a house meeting, Slivkans vote to amend constitution to specifically state that Slivkans must email the vice president in order to challenge final posted points totals for the quarter (within seven days of the end of the quarter).

5/11/08 At a house meeting, Slivkans select official Slivka crest by vote: gear (Though unspecified in the records, I make this assumption because the current Slivka logo is a gear).

10/12/08 Slivkans can receive one house point per quarter by taking pictures at two events and submitting them to IT.

10/19/08 Due to ongoing issues with printer abuse, as well as the high cost of color printer ink, Exec votes to end public support for DR printing. The DR printer is owned by Northwestern and therefore cannot not be sold; additionally, there is also some extra toner available—given the situation, Exec votes to continue use of the printer for support of Exec and committees at least until available toner ran out. This vote establishes the first Exec printer, which will function until the basement floods during the summer in 2013.

10/26/08 Exec votes to amend constitution to provide 10 free house points per quarter to elected RCB members who are also Slivkans, to give the power of ad-hoc committee dissolution to Exec instead of time limits, to require ad-hoc committees to submit plans within 10 days of being assembled, and to require the chairperson of ad-hoc committees to review point-giving with their ad-hoc committee members at the first meeting of their ad-hoc committee. During this era, all constitutional amendments have to be approved by the house. At the house meeting, Exec announces that approval of these amendments will be voted on at the next house meeting.

11/9/08 Amendments from 10/26/08 pass at the house meeting.

1/11/09 Committees no longer have diversity chairs, but Faculty and Academic committees still have publicity chairs. Minutes now refer to various “Secretaries” as “Chairs.”

1/18/09 Facilities Director Brandon Merling proposes that a new DR black and white printer be purchased in response to complaints about lack of printer, and Exec approves. Exec prefers a Lexmark model.

1/25/09 IT Chair Quang Le states that an IT-related rave would occur sometime in the future, as a Slivka event. No further mention of this idea is made during that government.

2/1/09 New printer is set up in DR.

3/10/09 Historian Michelle Miller reports planning to visit university archives in order to discern the history of Slivka.


Master: Art Schmidt

Associate Master: Owen Priest

Assistant Master: Cynthia Pierre (spring), Jennifer Hobbs (fall and winter)

President: Ryan Brock

VP: Kushal Amin

Treasurer: Tyler Boschert

Secretary of Academic Affairs: Alex Zhukhovitskiy

Secretary of Faculty Affairs: Rachel Wang

Secretary of Social Affairs: Michelle Pineda

Secretary of Philanthropic Affairs: Martha Golonko

Director of Facilities: John Regan

IT Chair: Alex Zylman

Historian: Eli Bader

4/5/09 Only academic committee has a Publicity Chair.

4/12/09 First appearance of suggestion box.

5/2/09 Historian Eli Bader announces first Historian event: Improving Your Papers.

5/17/09 Trophies have become sufficiently numerous to warrant the purchasing of shelving.

9/14/09 Eli Bader creates yearbook committee.

9/20/09 Slivka v. Swine Flu. The Master's Staff, with the assistance of Eli Bader and other volunteers, put up hand sanitizers, helped students get missed assignments, and delivered food to sick students.

11/1/09 Alex Zhukhovitskiy reports cataloguing Slivka’s paintings.


Master: Art Schmidt (spring), Owen Priest (fall and winter)

Associate Master: Owen Priest (spring), David Chopp (fall and winter)

Assistant Master: Jennifer Hobbs

President: Ryan Brock (2nd term)

VP: Ford Culver

Treasurer: Jimmy Clifton

Secretary of Academic Affairs: Sam Carton

Secretary of Faculty Affairs: Amy Blood

Secretary of Social Affairs: Austin Culver

Secretary of Philanthropic Affairs: Brittany Zhang

Director of Facilities: Matt Kan

Director of Information Technology: Derek Morris

Historian: Jennifer Dotrong

During this era, Exec sought to develop the “rivalry” between CCI and Slivka. Examples: talking with the president of CCI to get the two res colleges to compete over mundane things, participating in multiple inter-college competitive events to attempt to win the rivalry.

4/4/10 Committees no longer have publicity chairs or diversity chairs. IT Director Derek Morris announces purchase of Xbox. Director of Facilities Matt Kan purchases a vacuum. Associate Master Owen Priest mentions “somebody in a chicken suit” at the house meeting.

4/11/10 Facilities Director Matt Kan explains that replacing the DR Color Printer’s toner would cost $600, and so it would be cheaper to buy a new one.

5/7/10 IT Director Derek Morris holds a successful Slivka rave (possibly the first one).

9/19/10 Ryan Brock explained RC week as an opportunity to establish a rivalry between all 11 RCs.

10/17/10 Master Owen Priest mentions that “Jimmy is a chicken.”

11/14/10 President Ryan Brock suggestions a “friends of Slivka” listserv for past Slivkans.

1/23/11 President Ryan Brock sets up a 1-month trial Netflix account on the Xbox.

3/6/11 President Ryan Brock sets up paid Netflix account.


Master: Owen Priest

Associate Master: David Chopp

Assistant Master: Jennifer Hobbs (spring), Erin Hayes (fall and winter)

President: Ford Culver

VP: Austin Culver

Treasurer: Michael Carmody

Secretary of Academic Affairs: Grace Bushnell

Secretary of Faculty Affairs: Cheri Liu

Secretary of Social Affairs: Amelie Zeng

Secretary of Philanthropic Affairs: Lauren Johnson

Director of Facilities: Alex Cash

Director of Information Technology: Alex Repucci

Historian: Tim Flavin (spring and fall), Connie Gu (winter)

5/7/11 Slivka wins Field Day. Slivkan Sam Carton later wins ass award for organizing 300-style shield formation around President Ford Culver during waterballoon fight. Sam also snatched a megaphone and shouted “Slivkans, prepare for glory!”

5/15/11 IT Director Alex Repucci declared best website master in Slivkan history by other members of Exec for his outstanding accomplishments in making the website look beautiful.

9/25/11 First recognizably modern iteration of Historian Committee, with all of the same responsibilities as the current committee, is established as an ad-hoc committee by Historian Tim Flavin.

10/23/11 Slivka wins best homecoming banner. First mention of Ben Rothman in minutes proclaims that he will be holding a MATLAB fireside.

1/8/12 Historian Committee is made permanent instead of ad-hoc. IT Committee Member Kun Woo introduces Radio Slivka, a website where Slivkans can play music, perform radio programs, and receive points.

2/12/12 President Ford Culver announces plans to renovate DR, adding a TV, whiteboards, a paper cutter, cutting mats, and a new paint job.

2/24/12 Possibly the first IT foam swords event occurs.

3/4/12 Facilities Director Alex Cash mentions that Slivka’s Netflix subscription has been cancelled.


Master: Owen Priest (spring and fall until 10/14), David Chopp (interim), Gary Galbreath (11/4 through winter)

Associate Master: David Chopp

Assistant Master: Erin Hayes (spring), Alex Fontana (fall and winter)

President: Michael Carmody

VP: Stephanie Hemmelgarn

Treasurer: Jacob Jozefiak

Secretary of Academic Affairs: Mattia Livraghi (spring), Haddie Klima (fall and winter)

Secretary of Faculty Affairs: Isabelle Orrico

Secretary of Social Affairs: Matt Chan

Secretary of Philanthropic Affairs: Sarah Uttal

Director of Facilities: Holden Faber

Director of Information Technology: Ben Rothman

Historian: Mattie Biggs

3/4/12 President Michael Carmody proposes that Eco Chair be made a permanent role in the Philanthropy Committee, and Exec votes in favor.

4/22/12 Vice President Stephanie Hemmelgarn announces the successful creation of the Slivka directory. Director of Facilities Holden Faber restores Netflix.

10/14/12 Dr. Owen Priest resigns as master of Slivka. Associate Master David Chopp serves as master during interim.

11/4/12 Dr. Gary Galbreath announced as new master of Slivka.

11/11/12 Facilities Director Holden Faber announces acquisition of Wii.

2/3/13 Assistant Master Alex Fontana congratulates Slivka on winning RCB quiz bowl.


Master: Gary Galbreath (spring), Wes Burghardt (fall and winter)

Associate Master: David Chopp

Assistant Master: Alex Fontana (spring), Hayley Belli (fall and winter)

President: Matt Chan

VP: Ben Rothman

Treasurer: Haddie Klima (for first meeting only), Jacob Jozefiak (for meetings 2-4), Abby Turay (the rest)

Secretary of Academic Affairs: Suhong Jin

Secretary of Faculty Affairs: Max Gillet

Secretary of Social Affairs: Nick Palumbo

Secretary of Philanthropic Affairs: Arianna Wise

Director of Facilities: Ben Granger

Director of Information Technology: Austin Dickey

Historian: Connie Gu (her second time as historian, spring and fall), Mitch Zubieta (Winter)

5/5/13 IT Director Austin Dickey announces that Michael Carmobead is framed and hung in the DR.

9/16/13 President Matt Chan announces official Slivka Twitter account, @SlivkaRC

9/22/13 Facilities Director Ben Granger explains that due to basement flooding during the summer, the Exec printer has been destroyed, and so he will file an insurance claim for a new printer.

11/17/13 Mitch Zubieta takes over as historian. Some minutes from this period may be missing.

Sometime between 1/12/14 and 3/2/14 Mitch Zubieta and Exec change title from Historian to Director of Publications.

3/2/14 IT Director Austin Dickey announces that Holden Fabead will be created soon.


Master: Wes Burghardt

Associate Master: None (spring), Kathleen Carmichael (fall and winter)

Assistant Master: Hayley Belli

President: Abby Turay

VP: Austin Dickey

Treasurer: Evan Rosati

Secretary of Academic Affairs: Zoe Gathers (3/2/14–3/30/14), Austin Dickey (interim), Kara Ferracuti (4/13/14 onward)

Secretary of Faculty Affairs: Alek Jansen

Secretary of Social Affairs: Miriam Mikhelson

Secretary of Philanthropic Affairs: Aayush Gupta

Director of Facilities: Emily Berson

Director of Information Technology: Pooja Saxena

Director of Publications: Brian Capella

3/2/14 Minutes begin referring to Vice President as Vice President of Internal Affairs and Treasurer as Vice President of Financial Affairs.

3/9/14 IT Director Pooja Saxena announces that Holden Fabead has been created.

4/13/14 Publications Director Brian Capella pilots new bathroom reader attachment method. Senior gifts and steaks and BBQ are defined in by-laws.

4/20/14 Exec votes to purchase a 5-foot Fuf.

4/27/14 RCB asks for an official Slivka color, and IT Director Pooja Saxena provides them with the dark blue (standard navy) on top of the Slivka website.

5/4/14 IT Director Pooja Saxena announces new Slivka logo on the Slivka website.

11/9/14 Publications Director Brian Capella announces construction paper birthday cake in front lobby to celebrate the birthdays of Slivkans.

11/16/14 Evanston Police go into rooms over break, and leave some unlocked. Some Slivkans are missing objects.

1/11/15 Evanston Police go into rooms over break and leave some unlocked again, once again resulting in the loss of some possessions.


Master / Faculty Chair: Wes Burghardt (spring), Quincy Thomas Stewart (fall and winter)

Associate Master / Associate Faculty Chair: Kathleen Carmichael

Assistant Master / Assistant Faculty Chair: Hayley Belli

President: Austin Dickey

VP: Pooja Saxena

Treasurer: Kara Ferracuti

Secretary of Academic Affairs: Alyssa Liu

Secretary of Faculty Affairs: Rebecca Hughes

Secretary of Social Affairs: Nnenna Nwagbo

Secretary of Philanthropic Affairs: Monica Blazek

Director of Facilities: Jessica Li

Director of Information Technology: Joey Salvo

Director of Publications: Sam Davidson

3/10/15 Superler senior: Bead Rothman is created.

4/12/15 Director of Publications Sam Davidson announces purchase of 64 GB USB 3.0 flash drive for use in historian record-keeping.

4/19/15 President Austin Dickey announces that permission has been granted for Slivka to hang a banner in the Slivka/CCI room at Sargent. At the house meeting, after weeks of online polls narrowing options down to three final candidates (though without confirming whether Slivkans really want to have a mascot or not), Slivkans vote 1) to have a mascot and 2) that it should be an octopus.

4/26/15 After receiving some complaints in the suggestion box from people who could not attend the house meeting of the previous week, Exec decides to minimize important voting at house meetings in the future and to opt for more online polls, since they are accessible to all Slivkans.

5/3/15 Exec approves a quorum bylaw that will require a minimum number of Slivkans to vote on an important issue in order to determine its outcome, in order to help prevent more issues like the one caused by the mascot vote on 4/19. At the house meeting, Academic Chair Alyssa Liu announces creation of a Slivka music playlist, which will be located on the website.

5/10/15 Director of Publications Sam Davidson proposes establishment of a minutes archive available to all Slivkans so that Slivkans can access the history of Slivka more easily, and this passes 6-0-3. Spurred by a suggestion from Slivkan Sophie Brauer, IT Director Joey Salvo proposes adding links to Slivkan blogs and music to the Slivka website. Exec agrees, with the caveat that he must include a disclaimer that the opinions expressed in these links are of the Slivkans themselves, and do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of Slivka as an entity.

5/23/15 Slivka wins RCB Field Day and brings home numerous trophies.

5/24/15 Based on suggestions by Eco Rep Sophie Brauer, Exec decides that compost bins will be added to the trash rooms. Exec discusses animosity/overcompetitive vibe between other RCs and Slivka, and decides to try to cultivate more positive relations between Slivka and other RCs in the future.

5/31/15 Exec votes to assign the Exec printer and all related responsibilities to Director of Publications going forward. After a few weeks of discussing whether to give gifts to all seniors or just the ones who actually participated in Slivkan events, Exec decides to keep things positive and give gifts to all of them. In the future, Exec will try to create events aimed at upperclassmen. Exec decides to maintain the Suggestion box anonymity that was started in the previous weeks, but to add a request that Slivkans provide their names in order to promote an open discussion.

7/13/15 Sam Davidson begins writing this timeline.

8/21/15 Sam Davidson finishes first draft of this timeline.

2/2016 New exec board elected:

        President: Joey Salvo

        Vice President of Internal Affairs: David Samuels

        Vice President of Financial Affairs: Kara Ferracuti

        Academic Chair: Ramish Zaidi

        Fellows Chair: Rebecca Hughes

        Social Chair: Ben Richards

        Philanthropy Chair: Erica Fada

        Facilities Chair: Akhil Shanishetti

IT Director: Becca Rymsza

Director of Publications: Kathryn Fatina

Spring Quarter, 2016:

Fall Quarter, 2016:


Faculty Chair: Quincy Thomas Stewart

Associate Faculty Chair: Kathleen Carmichael

Assistant Faculty Chair: Elizabeth Koselka

President: Rachana Kolli

VP: Kathryn Fatina

Treasurer: Monica Lewis (spring), Ryan Franks (fall, winter)

Secretary of Academic Affairs: Akhil Shanishetti (spring, fall), Aniya Evans (winter)

Secretary of Faculty Affairs: Rebecca Hughes

Secretary of Social Affairs: Julia Shenkman

Secretary of Philanthropic Affairs: Jade Davis

Director of Facilities: Niko Finkelstein

Director of Information Technology: Warren McQuary

Director of Publications: Kayla Carter

Spring Quarter, 2017

-Aditya “AJ” jain becomes the first four year non-res

Fall Quarter, 2017

-Ryan Franks becomes the treasurer

-10/14/17 (8pm): The Great Flood makes exec pull an all-nighter due to flooding in the basement

-World War Bathroom Cleaning: Residential Services suddenly stops bathroom cleaning

-9/15/17: Residential Services notifies everyone that they will no longer be cleaning the bathroom suites via email

-11/2/17: Residential Services sends email explaining that bathroom cleaning will start up again on a two-week basis

Winter Quarter, 2017

-1/18/18: UREC plan formally released :(

-Aniya Evans becomes the Academic Chair

-The Great Formal Depression: Slivka enters a budget crisis after accidentally spending way too much on formal (sorry, Ryan)


Faculty Chair: Quincy Thomas Stewart

Associate Faculty Chair: Kathleen Carmichael

Assistant Faculty Chair: Elizabeth Koselka

President: Rachana Kolli

VP: Eileen Holland

Treasurer: Ryan Franks

Secretary of Academic Affairs: Kayla Carter

Secretary of Faculty Affairs: Conrad Burghardt

Secretary of Social Affairs: Brandon Scott

Secretary of Philanthropic Affairs: Cassidy McMahon

Director of Facilities: Rohan Menon

Director of Information Technology: Sarah Bier

Director of Publications: Caryl Henry

Spring Quarter, 2018

-4/5/18: P2P officially means Pineapples to Penguins for about 30 seconds

-4/5/18: Guest policy bylaw gets passed

-5/1/18: Conrad Burghardt single-handedly killed a game of Assassins, forcing a restart because people got mad

-5/10/18: I guess we’re making a new website???!?!!1????!??1

-5/13/18: The best RCB field day hype video is published

-5/19/18: Slivka wins RCB field day and takes home 5 trophies!


Mysteries of Slivka Section

This section will serve to catalogue Slivka’s historical mysteries.