Black Mesa: Uplink - Segmented Speedrun in 3:05 by DraiKu and KranK


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Run Info

Largest Timesavers


0:45 - (DraiKu) - Throwing the telephone at the NPC to lower his HP and move him closer to the elevator.

1:14 - Teleporting the NPC to the elevator doors so he opens them faster.

1:16 - Teleporting the NPC again so he takes the pistol out earlier.

1:18 - Killing the NPC with the phone so we can grab his gun.

1:34 - (KranK) Using a script to spam +attack as fast as possible and break the box.

1:43 -  (DraiKu) Using a glitch called Object Boosting to gain speed and get through the door before the NPC can close it.


1:46 - (Krank) Another Object Boost to gain just enough height and speed to clear the clip brushes above the containers.

1:48 - Strafing over to the ladder and landing at the bottom of it to avoid fall damage and death.

1:51 - Hitting the change_level trigger for the third map then turning around and hitting the change_level for the next map allowing us to skip almost all of the third map.

1:53 - (KranK) Using a script to Ladder Climb as fast as possible.

2:02 - Picking up a health pack through the container wall.

2:04 - Using a grenade to kill the marine carrying a shotgun so we can pick it up.

2:08 - Object Boost on the corner of the door. You have to boost from the corner here or you won't get enough speed to get to walkway above.

2:12 - (DraiKu) In order to do two full grenade boosts later on we need to grab the armor here and avoid all enemy damage until the houndeye.  

2:41 - (KranK) - Object Boost.

2:47 - (DraiKu) - Difficult bunny hop to keep speed going through the crawl space.

2:50 - Houndeye Boost.

2:51 - Grenade Boosting to get to the trigger at the end of the hallway faster.

2:58 - Final grenade boost and keeping speed through the vent.

3:05 - Time ends when we break the vent.