Using VoiceThread in Blackboard Courses

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Using VoiceThread in Blackboard Courses

Accessing VoiceThread

Posting a Comment on VoiceThread

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Using VoiceThread in Blackboard Courses

VoiceThread is a Web-based asynchronous communications tool used to upload, share, and discuss media such as documents, presentations, images, audio or video files. Users can leave comments on a VoiceThread in multiple ways - through voice (using a microphone), text, loading a pre-recorded audio file, or through video (via a webcam).

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Accessing VoiceThread

When your instructor integrates the VoiceThread tool into a Blackboard course, you can access the tool  via a link similar to the one shown below.

  1. Clicking on the appropriate tool link will open up your MyVoice page. This provides you with access to all VoiceThreads available to you under your UM-Flint login credentials. The VoiceThreads available to you are categorized in three major groups:

  1. VoiceThreads you created.
  2. VoiceThreads that have been shared with you.
  3. VoiceThreads that you have subscribed to.   Note: content available under this category contains both VoiceThreads you have subscribed to, but also VoiceThreads related to the use of this tool that have been shared with you by default.


  1. To access the VoiceThread(s) set up for a particular class, review the list of courses on the left side of your screen displayed under “University of Michigan-Flint” and click on the title of the appropriate course, then click on the VoiceThread you want to review or contribute to.

  1. At this point, the  VoiceThread will open in a new window from



  1. Review the first slide of the VoiceThread carefully and listen to and/or view your instructor’s comment. 


  1. If your instructor asks you to comment or answer a question, click the Comment button on the VoiceThread, then select the type of comment you wish to leave.


Comment Icon



For recording voice comments through a microphone on your computer.

To leave a text comment.

For leaving video comments using a webcam.

Can be used if you have no microphone capabilities but want to leave an audio comment. Note: This feature is fee-based.

You can doodle on the VoiceThread while recording your comment. Once you begin commenting, the color palette will open. Select the color for your doodle and begin drawing on the media.

  1. Once you have recorded your comment, VoiceThread will ask if you want to Save, Cancel or Record more. Make your selection.


  1. If you save your comment (in text, voice or video), your “avatar” will display alongside the side of the slide and your comment will become part of the group discussion.

  1. If you need to change/update your comments, you can always just delete existing comments at any point and re-record your notes. To do so, hover your cursor over your comment while it is (dis)playing and select the trash can icon.

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Posting a Comment on VoiceThread

  1. Access VoiceThread
  2. Locate your Course
  3. Select the VoiceThread video you will post a comment in.
  4. If you the creator of the specific VoiceThread video has allowed you to post a comment, you will see a comment button below the video. Click Comment.

comment VT.png

  1. You will have several options for leaving a comment.  Choose one and leave a comment.

comment type VT.png

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Helpful tips

  • When a VoiceThread contains several slides, be sure to check whether you need to respond to the prompt on each slide.

  • For best experience, use FireFox as your Web browser when working in Blackboard and VoiceThread.

  • To listen to or view a particular participant’s comments in a VoiceThread, click on the appropriate avatar or the corresponding gray bars at the bottom of the VoiceThread.

  • Basic controls of a VoiceThread:

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