Lakeshore Robotics Team Student Handbook

What is Lakeshore FIRST Robotics?

The mission of the Lakeshore Robotics Team is to help young people discover and develop a passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through their involvement in the FIRST® Robotics Program.  The Lakeshore Robotics Team believes that this program should be the first step for students’ careers in science and technology.  Students learn new skills through hands-on experience in all aspects of the production process, and students will learn from mentors who use these skills in their everyday jobs.

What is our Purpose?

We strive to inspire young people to learn about STEM and Marketing through exploration of a business like setting. FIRST expects us to run our team like a small business, and we do. All of our budget is raised by the students. The students build, design, wire, and program the robot. All this is to inspire students to develop a love of STEM and perhaps discover a passion.

Lakeshore Robotics Volunteer Policy

Because the community gives to us, we make it team policy to give back to the community. Students failing to meet the volunteer requirements are on grounds for suspension from the team. We wish to give back to the people who have given us so much, students who wish to be part of the team will be required to meet the following requirements.

Rules and Expectations

        It is to be understood that the students on Robotics Team 4237 will hold themselves to a high standard and will follow all rules and expectations and understand that if they fail to do so they risk removal from the team.

  1. Students will follow all school set regulations laid out in the student handbook.
  2. Students will maintain their GPA from kickoff till our last competition
  1. Students will meet all requirements set forth in the Robotics Handbook
  2. Students will make an effort to attend as many meetings as possible
  3. New students will choose a team for the season by October 1st OR two weeks after joining the team
  4. Students will use time at robotics meetings in a productive manner
  5. Students will not play video games at robotics meetings
  6. Students will respect adult and student leaders
  7. Students will respect all equipment belonging to the team
  8. Students will behave in a reasonable and respectable manner
  9. Students will follow all the safety rules
  10. Students will sign the code of conduct and fill out all forms included in this handbook
  11. Students need to work and volunteer to attend competitions
  12. Take care of yourself and others
  13. Students will pay $75 (non refundable) to participate



Students on the Lakeshore Robotics Team will hold themselves to a high moral standard, follow all rules and expectations and do their best to represent the team in an appropriate manner.

Failure to follow the following rules will result in possible suspension or expulsion from the team.

Parents of Students

Lakeshore Robotics Team Travel Requirements

Team Organization

Student Leadership: Students are chosen by adult team leadership when positions become vacant. Student leadership is a privilege that can be taken away if it is abused. Permanent positions include:

Mentors: The team cannot function without mentors, whose purpose is to teach and mentor the students. Mentors are needed in all areas of the team, including Marketing, Web, Media, Programming, Build, Design, Strategy, and Electrical.

Tentative Schedule

Pre Season

Fall Season Schedule

Monday Meetings once a week  6-9 pm, First meeting September 18th

Oct   9        Parent Meeting    LGI//caf   6pm

Oct 13        Homecoming Parade  

Oct 28        WMRI

Nov 11         Lancer-Bot-Mania FLL Event @ LHS

Dec 2          Sunset Coast Splash FTC Event @ Coloma HS

Build Season

Weekly Meetings    MTWT   6-9    Sat 8-9 mentor/leaders       9-3    Students

Jan 6        KICKOFF  @  LMC  

Feb 17        Week 0 Event - Coloma

Feb 20        Stop Build Day

March 8        St Joseph

March 15        Gull Lake

Apr 11-14        MI State Competition SVSU

Apr 25-28        Worlds Competition Detroit

Lakeshore Robotics Team Code of Conduct

I, __________________, by signing this code of conduct, certify that I will do my best of uphold the ideals of the Lakeshore Robotics Team and to represent the team in the best way possible. I understand that if I break any of the rules outlined in the handbook that I am on grounds for disciplinary action. By signing this form I verify that I have read the Student Handbook and am willing to be bound by its policies. I agree to take it upon myself to work with the team and to create a healthy learning environment for all students. My parent(s) or guardian(s) have read the handbook as well and understand that I need to hold myself to these standards.

                ___________________________                _______________

                        Student Signature                                        Date


                ___________________________                _______________

                        Parent/Guardian Signature                        Date

Student Information 

Student’s Name:_____________________                Grade:________

Student's Phone Number:___________________

Student’s email:__________________________

Medical concerns:_______________________________________________



Parent Information 

Parent/Guardian Name(s):_____________________________________________

Phone Number:______________________________________________________

Parent Email Address:________________________________________________

Are you willing to help the team as a mentor?        Yes___  No____

Are you able to provide a team meal?                         Yes___  No____