Bronyville Episode 119  - Friendship Builds a Web

Time : Saturday, August 17th @ Noon PST

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 119 recorded on August 17th, 2013. I am your host Apple Cider





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Topic Time! - Comics~

Ted’s annotations




Howdy Bronyville healthCast.

Lets lose some weight, I am back up to 98kg, and I would like to get under 90kg again. so I'm going to do 100 squat every other day until You give me a better idea.

So I was at galaCon, ticks for two was €130 and the two hotelnights €138 with all we could eat breakfast and the hotel was only 2.5km from the con ( AC, Congress authorized the use of the metric system Metric is 1866, and feet and pounds are defined in relation to metric units ), also most of our food (other then the breakfast) came from a gas station.

So this was my fist con, I have been to the Roskilde Festival 5 times, but that is a music festival lasting a week where you sleep in tents for a week, with 100k people.

So at the Con, the panels and the vendors are the big things, although I did find the prize a bit high, and the main panel hall was a good place to go when there wasn't a panel as there was some cooling and less noise, and I did one time end up talking with a Polish G1 fan and r63 cheese legs. The different between being at a con and watching videos from a con, is a bit like the difference between going to a rock concert and watching a bootleg tape of it, music a live concert is [crummy], but when you are there you don't hear it is just cool being there, and seeing and being with the people.

I have included two images, one of the people just before the gala, and one of a giant who looked like a punker from the 80's, I talk with him and he was one of the friendliest I meet.

Dear starry, people say don't talk about ex's with new girls, is that also true if it has been 8+ years, she is new lesbian and a good friend, ?

Sorry for the bad spelling ran out of time.

/Twisted Haywire

p.s. I am on the hunt for the G1 comic that explains the crystal eyes of some of the G1 ponies, is said to be a bit grim-dark, I heard about it at galacan.

This one- Sandy

Dear Princess Bronyville,

I've finally gotten back on the Brony wagon after falling off due to I forget what, and wanted your help with something that's been bothering me.

Way back in the day, when the fandom was young, I gave my OC the name Vaudeville and have even written into the show under the name. However, in coming back, there's an issue with using that name.

You see, while I've been pretty inactive in creating any sort of fan content, there has been an active Ask Vaudeville Tumblr (Shameless Plug: whose use of the name fits much better than it does my OC.

Have you or someone you know ever had this kind of issue and should I change my name to avoid any confusion?


The OC Formerly Known as Vaudeville (but is considering the name Funny Bone as a replacement)

Inserted below is an artist's interpretation (and best to date) of my OC. Donut steele.

Dear Sandy, Cider, Starry and guest,

Just thought I say thank you for responding to my last email and for sending me over to the Savage Worlds: MLP forum. With the help of Rodger, I was able to make my character sheet and participated in my Friday Dice Night on the 16th. I had a ton of fun and plan to part take in many more campaigns in the need future. Again thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Amanda aka SANDY Shores (derped on my oc name last week for reasons unknown)

Sent from my iPod

Dear Apple Cider,

Here! Have some Flutterdash fanfics!

Off the Edge of the Map is a great adventure fic with some shipping on the side. After one of Rainbow Dash's new stunts goes awry, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash find themselves in a strange new land and have to rely on each other to find a way home, encountering fantastic lands, strange creatures and mysterious spirits along the way. Unlike most shipping stories, the romantic aspects of this fic are subtle. There aren't any awkward dates or cheesy confessions. Instead, Rainbow Dash's and Fluttershy's relationship is allowed to grow naturally as they learn to understand and trust one another. If you're only going to read one Flutterdash fic in your lifetime, make sure it's this one!

If you're looking for a short oneshot, I recommend Under The Aurora. In it, Rainbow and Fluttershy confide in each other during the train ride back to Ponyville after their adventure in the Crystal Empire. There's a lot of really strong character development in this fic and many sweet and adorable moments.

Finally, if you like your shipping with a generous portion of angst, give Fear of Falling a try. Fluttershy realize that her feelings for Rainbow Dash would always be one-sided after she makes off hoof remark about filly foolers. To save their dying friendship, Rainbow agrees to enter into into a relationship with Fluttershy but is unsure about her own feelings. Does she really love Fluttershy or is she just going to end up hurting her? I wish this fic would update more than once every six months so I can find out...

There. That should be enough to tide you over. If you need more, you can always check out the Flutterdash folder on Fimfiction or the Flutterdash group.

Happy reading,

Somebrony Junior

Dear Chef Sandy (and his sidekick Apple Cider too I guess),

Just wondering if you guys have reached out to those clever bronies who've built the brony music hosting websites Equestrian Beats (codl and fmang) and (feld0). You've interviewed some of the streaming radio guys and several of the musicians. I think it'd be great to have a show dedicated to the other side of the fandom music scene: the guys who host so much of it!

As an avid user of both sites, I'm curious as to what motivates them, how their approaches to a similar goal diverge, and whether there's any cross-pollination of ideas and collaboration going on between the two. I'd also like some of the technical details, such as what their methods are for transcoding the uploaded tracks into the multiple formats they both offer.

Here are the links for the benefit of your listeners:

Sincerely, ABronyAccount (aka therealaba [the real ABA])

P.S. Fluttershy and Spike are best ponies.

P.P.S. If you're reading this on the air, please send help before it's too late. I've been locked away in her fruit cellar for three weeks now, and run out of roaches to eat. By the time this episode lands on iTunes I will be forced to consume old cans of Ham-dingers to survive. It's vitally important that you get this coded message to the mayor, she'll know what to do: '!ELUR SDRAZILREDNUHT'

I hear footfalls upstairs. I only hope thi

Salutations to everypony/body at bronyville. A few shows back there was discussion regarding the many endeavors that have been shut down by the iron fist of copyright infringement enforcers (Fighting is magic is a good example of this). A common argument is that so long as you are not making money off of a particular product or project the corporate bozos will not bother you, but this isnt a catch-all rule. Wheather or not you are making money, it still seems that big corporations can take the things you create down if there is any evidence of infringement, I have experienced this myself (with the company Sony) on a video that I was collecting no  profit from whatsoever and had (the video) well under a thousand views. Currently Hasbro is fairly lenient in terms of copyright policy, but do you think that there is a possibility that they may change their MO in future to be either more constraining or easygoing? And if they tighten their hold, is there any way that the community could unite to combat them and protect their works?

Your attentive auditor

          -Zephysonas (Zef-ee-sonas)

Ps: Hope to see apple Cider at the "Sac Brony Expo"

Thank you

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Dear Princess Celestia,

Oh! Hey there Princess. You caught me right as I am packing for BronyCAN so please pardon the mess. I still have a great episode for you! Our friend Ted who works for the IDW comics stopped by to talk Pinkie and CMCs! And we get into some major headcanon about the true origin of Scootaloo, if Twilight Sparkle’s childhood was all a lie, and other great story ideas that can now never grace the comics. Good going us.


Apple Cider

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