SVVSD App Suggestions

(Feel free to add your suggestions here too along with an explanation)

Apps Available via MDM app:

Pages - Word processor and page layout app

Keynote - Presentation app

Numbers - Spreadsheet app

iMovie - Video creation app

Explain Everything - screen casting and interactive whiteboard app

Popplet - concept mapping app

Comic Life - comic creation app

Suggested free apps:

Google Drive - connect to your Google Apps account

My Script Calculator - handwriting calculator

Hi Calc HD - standard calculator

PaperPort Notes - notebook app

Recordium - audio recording app

Skitch - drawing and annotation app

iTunes U - courses and videos from Universities and K12 institutions

iBooks - book reading app

Nearpod - presentation app for student devices

Socrative (Teacher and Student) assessment app

Adobe Connect Mobile - connect to district webinars

Air MicroPad - connect to Bodelin Microscope

SparkVue - connect to Pasco science probes

Your app suggestions:

Desmos Graphing Calculator

2 Screens - http:/

Educreations(free)- whiteboard and lesson recorder 

30/30 (free)- timer

9Slides - presentation app with video on one side, ppt or PDF on the other

Thinglink - image app where you can put text, hyperlinks, slide show & youtube videos as clickable spots

Aurasma - the virtual tour app where you can upload pictures or videos (Phil’s library tour)

GarageBand - students can use this to create their own music for videos or digital stories

UPAD - app that lets you take notes by hand or by typing; can link to Evernote and GoogleDrive; teachers can annotate student work by hand - could create a truly paperless classroom

Overdrive and Kindle- links to Longmont Public Library to check out ebooks (can then view on Kindle if someone has an account)

For Speech-Language Pathologists:


I have grouped my favourite apps by subject areas

Class Dojo -classroom behavior management