Key Personnel of Seattle Asbestos Test

The best and the brightest asbestos analysts

To ensure that there will be no involvement in any activities that would diminish confidence in the laboratory’s competence, impartiality, judgment and operational integrity, Seattle Asbestos Test, LLC has very strict hiring policies and procedures. As a results of these policies and procedures, we are very confident that all members of the laboratory are comprised of individuals committed to our mission and values, and the application for the highest professional practices and standards, so that we will provide quality services to our customers.

All Seattle Asbestos Test, LLC employees receive technical training to assure quality is obtained and procedures are followed. Each laboratory department establishes the standards required of analysts concerning QC principles and instrumentation.

Experience from elsewhere is verified through performance evaluated by the Department Manager, or validated by the analyst’s performance on quality control samples.

Technical training for analytical procedures is accomplished by reading materials, such as Standard Operation Procedures, approved methods. Help from experienced analysts and hands-on training under supervision of Department Managers are also important parts of training.


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