FSCN Bylaws                                            


Mission: The FSCN was formed and charged by senior administration with creating an environment at Lehigh University that welcomes under-represented and self-selected communities of color.

Whereas our central mission is to create  community of interrelated faculty and staff the ultimate aim is retention as aligned with the goals and mission of the university. It is also our charge to become the point of information access to the available resources on campus and in the Lehigh Valley as part of our service to nurture individuals from varying work and ethnic backgrounds.


Membership on this committee is to be considered "service" by the administration at Lehigh.


We are advocates for our members. We educate the larger community to effective practice by providing awareness concerning particular issues that surround faculty and staff of color. Whenever possible, we partner with ERAC, HR, Ombudsperson and others to allow for more positive sense of place at Lehigh.

Article I. Name and purpose of the organization.

Section 1: The name of this organization shall be the Faculty and Staff of Color Network.

Section 2: The purpose of this university-supported organization is to enhance retention and promotion of faculty and staff of color. We are a coordinated network that promotes professional development, mentoring, community involvement and social events at Lehigh University.

Section 3: Every new and existing faculty and staff hire will be invited to join this network and provided with  instruction on how to get involved.

Article II. Membership

Section 1: All persons employed as faculty or staff (exempt and nonexempt) at Lehigh University are considered eligible members of the FSCN during the time of their employment and shall be entitled to the rights and privileges there of.

FSCN Proposed Rights/Privileges

Section 2: Network members need to be active agents in the mission of creating a more comfortable and culturally diverse organization.

Section 3: In order to be a more effective agent for our mission, active committee members are required to attend meetings and events and promote the mission of the network.

Article III. Committees, Officers and Duties

The current structure involves officers, steering committee and these 6 subcommittees:

Governing Structure:

The current structure involves officers, steering committee and these 6 subcommittees:



Article IV. General, special, and annual meetings.

Section 1.  Regular meetings.