Feel free to create a video, write a script (movie or theater) for any of the following. BE creative!

Top 5 tips

Getting Started Guide

Tutorial on catching Pokemon

Write an article describing Pokestops and Gyms

Write a blog post describing Stardust and Candies

Describe 5 items you can obtain from a Pokestop

Write about Gym Battles - What they are, how to compete, etc

Describe Eggs - what are they, how to hatch them, etc

Find a Pokestop in town. Do research on it and write about it.

Write an argumentative essay on the advantages of playing Pokemon Go

Write an argumentative essay on the disadvantages of playing Pokemon Go

Which was your favorite Pokemon that you have caught so far? Why?

Describe the most interesting place that you have caught a Pokemon? What made it interesting?

Create a new Pokemon - include name, type, weight, height, HP, CP, picture, etc

Create a guide on how to be a safe and responsible player.

Hatch your eggs, convert your KM from the app into miles and log distance walked. Use a graph to track time, distance, etc.

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