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2018 Fox District Parent Summit

        Last Spring our district hosted its first ever Parent Summit. The event was a huge success with over 600 parents attending the event held at Fox High School. The district is happy to announce they will again be hosting a Parent Summit this Spring on Thursday, March 8th on the Fox High campus. Last year Meramec had over 40 families attend the evening to learn about various topics among the district. The evening is set up to help parents gain more knowledge and background about various topics important to learning and the function of our district. Parents gather to hear from Superintendent Dr. Wipke to kickoff the event and then they disperse to classrooms for presentations. Families get to choose the topics they learn more about. Some past topics were about cyberbullying, gifted education, math strategies, STEM, and a wide variety of other topics. I want to get this date out there early so families can mark it down on the calendar. The district has a goal set for 700 people to attend this year, and in the coming weeks I will be passing along more information about the event. My hope is that Meramec can improve on our attendance from last year and be apart of some great learning. See you there on March 8th!


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Dr. Dustin W. Bain

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Specials Schedule Next Week:

Monday: B

Tuesday: C
Wednesday: D
Thursday: A

Friday: B

Preparing for Trivia Night: The Meramec Parent Club’s Trivia Night is just a week away! If you are attending the trivia night we have prepared a document that provides details for the evening. The doors open at 6:00PM with trivia starting at 7:00PM. Please see attached document for more details.

Please Send Students w/Jackets: We FINALLY reached the winter weather. Please be sure to send students with a jacket every day. Students have a lunch recess and and regular recess each day that will require a jacket.

Important Dates Coming Up

Jan. 26: Adult Trivia Night 6:00-10:00PM

Feb. 2: 2nd Grade Safety Streets

Feb. 12: Parent Club Meeting at 6:00PM