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Important Daily Schedule Information

        This school year we have decided to restructure how students attend Art, Music, PE, and Library. Beginning this school year students will be attending Art, Music, PE, and Library for 50 minutes each time. We are excited about this change, as we feel it’s best for the students as they develop in each of these areas. The extended period of time will allow for those special area teachers to take learning to a deeper level. The extension of time in the special areas will create common planning time for classroom teachers as well. This common planning time is critical for teachers to collaborate and enrich the daily instruction your child receives. Our goal at Meramec is to continue to find ways to improve the education your child receives, and we are confident with this adjustment that we are providing improvement in education for all children across multiple areas.

Art, Music, PE, and Library classrooms will work on a rotation system. Classrooms will no longer have Art, Music, PE, and Library on a specific day of the week, but rather will work on a rotating schedule. The days will be labeled A, B, C, and D days. Every day the students come to school it will be labeled as A, B, C, or D day. The rotation will be continuous through the year and I have attached a calendar of the first semester so that you know which day is assigned to which letter.

For Example, Mr. Duncan’s specials are assigned to these letters:

A - Library

B - Music

C - Art

D - PE

Below is a calendar of Mr. Duncan’s specials for the month of August. The calendar shows a continuous rotation of A, B, C, and D days.











first day of school 16






































So every day listed on the calendar as “A” Mr. Duncan’s class will attend library no matter what day of the week it falls on. Music is assigned to “B” so each day labeled “B” on the calendar the students will attend Music. The same goes for C and D. Classroom teachers will be communicating to families of how their Art, Music, PE, and Library is assigned to A, B, C, and D. In my Friday Update during the school year I will list the upcoming weeks A, B, C, and D day schedule.

Thank you for your flexibility as we continue to create a school focused on doing what is best for student learning. If you have any questions or comments about the restructuring of the schedule please reach out to me.

Have a great weekend!

Dustin W. Bain

Twitter: @educate_bain 

Online Registration: All returning students are required to complete online registration each school year. All registered families should have received an email notification over the past few weeks on how to complete this task. This is a requirement of every student.

New Student Registration: Meramec is open on a daily basis to register new students to the area. Please encourage new families in the area to complete registration ASAP. This is very helpful in our school preparing for the school year.

Open House: On August 14th all students will have the chance to visit Meramec to meet their teacher. Due to a lack of parking for events such as this, we ask that you please observe the assigned times for open house.
Kindergarten: 9:00-10:00AM
1st-5th Grade: Last name beginning with A-M 5:30-6:30PM

1st-5th Grade: Last name beginning with N-Z 7:00-8:00PM

School Map: Attached to the email is an updated school map. Please pay close attention to this as teachers have moved throughout the school. The second grade teachers have moved from upstairs to downstairs, and then various other teachers have moved throughout the school. Please review this before attending open house.

Important School Dates/Events: Attached to the email you will find a document “Meramec Heights Important Dates 2017-2018.” Our community takes pride in creating events and fun for the entire family to enjoy. This document great to print out and place on the fridge or add to the yearly calendar. This document includes Meramec Parent Club events and school events scheduled for the entire year. This document is always subject to change, but we always do our best to stay true to it.

School Supply List: Attached to the email is a school supply list separated by grade level.

Ice Cream Social/Back to School Block Party: One of our first Meramec Parent Club events scheduled for the school year is our Ice Cream Social/Back to School Block Party. On Thursday, August 31st from 6:00-7:30PM we invite our community up to the school for one of our coolest events of the year. Our Back to School Block Party will include free ice cream for students, food trucks to purchase dinner, games, inflatables, and fun for all. This event has been VERY well attended in the past and we look forward to another great one this year.

Free Breakfast: Once again for the 2017-18 school year Meramec will be offering free breakfast for all students. All students can get a free breakfast when they arrive to school each morinng.

Lunch Application 2017-2018: Attached to the email is a free and reduced lunch form for the school year. This document is VERY important to our school. This year we would appreciate if everyone fills this out. This document helps the school district determine if families qualify for the free and reduced lunch program. No matter if you don’t think you will qualify, you will qualify, or you’re not sure please fill it out. The data we receive from this really impacts the funding our school receives.