Renaissance: French word for “REBIRTH”

   The Renaissance was a time period from 1350-1700.

Based on the Pretest,  you will have the option to move forward at your own pace on this unit.  This document will explain what you need to do.  The self paced unit is divided into parts: See below

You must complete the Requirements before you move forward and all “requirements” must be completed before you take the final quiz.  You should earn an 80% or higher on the quiz to work on an independent project(s).  


         Step 1: Notes from Textbook Reading--See D.A. from April 15th

Step 1:  Complete the  Google Presentation!    Make a copy of and build your Google Powerpoint for your blog--Embed final copy in your blog Post on Renaissance.  For this powerpoint you need to make a copy and save it in your drive. Make sure you name it correctly in your drive (Per1_RenaissanceGP_FRISTNAME). The text that is written in red is there to help guide you and should be  deleted as you add information.  Both members need to embed this final Google Presentation into their blog.


Step 3: Complete the computer side chats on the Renaissance Please use your first and last name when you start a zaption. Take screenshot of final score.

  1. Part 1 Zaption-
  2. Part 2 Zaption-

Step 4: Zaption films *Note you will need to take screenshots of all scores and add them as a photo gallery to your blog. Please use your first and last name when you start a zaption.

  1. Humanism: What is it? 
  2. Banking + Humanism= Renaissance
  3. Printing press 
  1. Sistine Chapel
  2. Mona Lisa 
  3. Last Supper
  4. Shakespeare 

Supplemental Reading--Not required but here, if needed.

  1. The Birth of Humanism
  2. Michelangelo
  3. Printing Press reading #1 
  4. Printing Press reading #2
  5. Architecture
  6. Leonardo da Vinci
  7. The World of Leonardo Da Vinci
  8. Renaissance Art Part I
  9. Renaissance Art Part II
  10. Home Life During the Renaissance
  11. Europe Discovers the World

     I. Computer Resources:

Renaissance overview: 

General Film Clips: 

Student Created Textbook: 

Leonardo Legacy: 

Tour Michelangelo sistine chapel:  and 

Printing Press: Gutenburg: 

Video showing how the Gutenberg Printing Press worked

Renaissance inventions: 


Marco Polo 



Step 5: Make sure you have:  embed your copy of the Google Presentation into your blog post.  You must also include screenshots of your zaption scores, as a photo gallery.   See tutorial here.

Step 6:  Mastery quiz--you have until Friday April 24, to complete all parts of this project--Quiz must be taken on this day or before.  

Step 7:  If you earn time: complete independent project of your choice from any of the topics below.

Directions: Build anything to display your knowledge and your Legacy on any topic from the Renaissance and include on your blog. You must address Humanism in your project:

Possible topics:

  1.  Art
  1. Using Google Art Project build a gallery of the Renaissance art: See example here 
  1.  Trade
  2.  Banking
  3.  Architecture
  4.  Leonardo da Vinci
  5.  Science and Learning
  6.  Revolutionary Change
  7.  Influence of Islam
  8. Printing Press
  9. Comparing the Renaissance to another time in history or today
  10. Or your own topic with Mr. A or Mr. H permission