Field Experience ~ SPRING 2015

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Instructor: Terri Christenson    CRN #31019 and CRN# 31036


GED 7846/7847 - Teaching Literacy in the Elementary School, Part I and Part II

Type of Experience:

Clinical Placement

Duration, Frequency and Approximate Dates:

30 hours total


At least 20 of the 30 required hours must be completed in an elementary literacy classroom.  Specific school and classroom locations will be determined early in the term in collaboration with Hamline’s Office of Clinical Experience.

Expectations for the remaining 10 hours are flexible can be fulfilled in the following ways.  Teacher candidates can:

­          Extend the arranged 20 hour clinical experience to 30 hours

­          Serve as a literacy volunteer or literacy tutor

­          Support or facilitate an after school literacy program

­          Complete the 10 flexible hours in their own classroom

Clinical experience reflections, assignments, and a log documenting the 30 hours will be required.  

Student Expectations:

1.      Clearly communicate arrival and departure times with the cooperating teacher.

2.      Arrive in the classroom early each week and come well prepared.

3.      Remain trustworthy in commitments to cooperating teacher.

4.      Dress professionally.

5.      Clearly communicate course assignment requirements with the cooperating teacher in advance of implementation (See Clinical Placement Handbook for specific assignment expectations.)

6.      Contribute to the classroom environment in positive and supportive ways.

7.      Support the cooperating teacher as requested.  Offer assistance as needed.

8.      Regularly engage with students to support their growth and development.

Host Teacher Involvement:

1.      Share time each week with a small group of teacher candidates.  

2.      Provide an opportunity for teacher candidates to observe, interact with students, and learn from your teaching.

3.      Support teacher candidates as they fulfill their course assignments.

4.      Complete a final evaluation of the teacher candidate’s contributions to your classroom environment.



Hamline Supervision:

No direct classroom supervision from Hamline.


Will be sent at the end of the semester.

Hamline Contact:

Terri Christenson, Ph.D.


Dana Coleman

Office of Clinical Experience

Hamline University

School of Education