Mission 6 - Moth Night

Science Buddies help gather necessary materials, help to read instructions, and help make sure that the junior scientist is conducting the experiments safely. You may be a scribe or a photographer to help keep a record of the experiments.  I would highly recommend that you also become a part of the process by helping your young scientist with the activities.

Please experiment safely. YOU, the adult Science Buddy, are responsible for helping to gather materials and creating a safe environment and conditions for experimenting.
REMEMBER - Never leave a child  unsupervised while experimenting.


National Moth Week was first developed in East Brunswick, New Jersey.


Remember that you are responsible for helping your young scientist to experiment safely. Sometimes you will need to help them to heat up solutions and use equipment in a safe manner. Please practice science safely!!

Please remember that you do not need to complete all activities, only those you would like to do. Each completed mission report gives your child the opportunity to gain additional BrainPower XP Points.

Mission  6.1:  

Please help your young scientist research different moths and butterflies in New Jersey with the websites. If your young scientist was in 2nd grade at GSB last year, ask them what their butterfly was.

Mission 6.2:

If you are interesting in “sugaring” or making “moth juice” to attract moths, you must can make it with fermented fruit and fruit juice. Take a can of sugar syrup peaches (mash them), One or two overripe bananas ( mash them), a dollop of molasses, and a small scoop of brown sugar. Let this mixture sit for a few days in a warm place. Then open it up outside for a day. Keep it up on a surface to keep the ants away. “Paint” this mixture on the side of a tree about chest high. Make a box about the size of a piece of paper. Check it every 20-30 minutes to see what new things are attracted to it.

You may also find recipes on the National Moth Week website and other mothing websites that use an ingredient that YOU must direct.  Look at the Sugaring For Moths section on the National Moth Week Website.

Additional Adventures to entice your young scientist to discover more!.. Any of these can be written up as an additional Mission Report.

Go to the Duke Farms Family Moth Night on July 29th, 2017.

Click HERE for more information.