Testing Your Hemispheric Preference

There are many instruments available to help individuals assess their hemispheric preference. The one below takes just a few minutes. The results are only an indication of your preference and are not conclusive. You should use additional instruments to collect more data before reaching any firm conclusion about your hemispheric preference.

Directions: From each pair below, circle A or B corresponding to the sentence that best describes you. Answer all questions. There are no right or wrong answers.

1.         A. I prefer to find my own way of doing a new task.

B. I prefer to be told the best way to do a new task.

2.         A. I have to make my own plans.

B. I can follow anyone’s plans.

3.         A. I am a very flexible and occasionally unpredictable person.

B. I am a very stable and consistent person.

4.         A. I keep everything in a particular place.

B. Where I keep thinks depends on what I am doing.

5.         A. I spread my work evenly over the time I have.

B. I prefer to do my work at the last minute.

6.         A. I know I am right because I have good reasons.

B. I know when I am right, even without reasons.

7.         A. I need a lot of variety and change in my life.

B. I need a well-planned and orderly life.

8.         A. I sometimes have too many ideas in a new situation.

B. I sometimes don’t have any ideas in a new situation.

9.         A. I do easy things first and the important things last.

B. I do the important things first and the easy things last.

10.         A. I choose what I know is right when making a hard decision.

B. I choose what I feel is right when making a hard decision.

11.         A. I plan my time for doing my work.

B. I don’t think about the time when I work.

12.         A. I usually have good self-discipline.

B. I usually act on my feelings.

13.         A. Other people don’t understand how I organize things.

B. Other people think I organize things well.

14.         A. I agree with new ideas before other people do.

B. I question new ideas more than other people do.

15.         A. I tend to think more in pictures.

B. I tend to think more in words.

16.         A. I try to find the one best way to solve a problem.

B. I try to find different ways to solve a problem.

17.         A. I can usually analyze what is going to happen next.

B. I can usually sense what is going to happen next.

18.         A. I am not very imaginative in my work.

B. I use my imagination in nearly everything I do.

19.         A. I begin many jobs that I never finish.

B. I finish a job before starting a new one.

20.         A. I look for new ways to do old jobs.

B. When one way works well, I don’t change it.

21.         A. It is fun to take risks.

B. I have fun without taking risks.

Scoring: Count the number of “A” responses to questions 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, and 21.

Place that number on the line to the right.                                 A. _____________________

Count the number of “B” responses to the remaining questions.

Place that number on the line to the right.                                 B. _____________________

Total the “A” and “B” responses you counted.                                 Total __________________

The total indicates your hemispheric preference according to the following scale:

0-5 Strong left hemisphere preference

6-8 Moderate left hemisphere preference

9-12 Bilateral hemisphere balance (little or no preference)

13-15 Moderate right hemisphere preference

16-21 Strong right hemisphere preference

Reflection: A. Did your score surprise you? Why or why not?