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15 June 2018   Watney Mann 1st round results

Albion Fishersgate 4-1 Roffey  SSC (played 14/6/18))

*Nigel Senior 10,900 - 1310 Mark Carruthers

Jean Brackenridge 1540 - 7300 Stuart Carruthers*

Chris Tupper 7140 - 2960 Iain Tarrant*

*Matthew Knight 14,550 - 0 Steve Hopkins

Dave Reeves 6800 - 3950 Lee Cable*

Another enjoyable night with the guys from the Roffey. Two good evenings with them. Table played pretty well.

Aggregate over 2 legs: Albion Fishersgate 8-2 Roffey .                      - Matt Knight, SCBBA


Roffey  SSC 1-4 Albion Fishersgate  (played 12/6/18))

**S.Carruthers 3530 - 9840 C.Tupper

S.Hopkins 90 - 18,420 N.Senior**

L.Cable 1060 - 10,400 M.Knight**

**R.Jones 5180 - 2020 J.Brackenridge

I.Tarrant 0 - 6630 M.Baden**

Not as raucous this year but still pretty loud. Enjoyable evening in good company as always.

Second leg arranged for Thursday.                  - Matt Knight, SCBBA


14 June 2018

The Sussex Masters 2018 was played on Saturday 9th June and four Horsham league players featured in the line-up of 24. But despite some good performances, all missed out on a quarter-final place as only the 8 group winners would qualify for the main later stages.

·         16th Seed Colin Southouse (Roffey CC) beat Mark James but lost to Nigel Senior;

·         12th Seed Stuart Carruthers (Roffey H) lost to Michelle Baden but beat Jean Brackenridge;

·         5th Seed Jean (Roffey H) lost to Stu but beat Michelle who topped the group on aggregate score;

·         18th Seed Ros Appleby (Roffey CC) lost to eventual winner Mick Daw but managed to beat Ian Lelliott.

So on to the Plate, and Carruthers fell at the first hurdle, losing to Lelliott over two legs by 9290-12880.

Ros had another good win, edging past Jean by 9830-9200, whilst Southouse beat Jean's other half Alan by 8760-6890.

The quarter-final proved to be the end of the road for Ros, beaten by Hastings' Dave White by 5210-6410.

Southouse however managed one more round, beating Joe Oakley 9050-6770 to make the Semi-final before losing 7960-12790 to runner-up Lelliott.

Hastings players Mike Daw and Phil Osborne fought out the main final with Daw the winner.   – Clive T

11 June 2018

The 25th Sussex Open was played yesterday and Roffey Y’s Gareth Lloyd as might be expected made the quarter-finals – with good wins over Pete Phillips (14220-7450) and Mike Daw (17110-6170).

A great win in the Last Sixteen over Gerry Fitzjohn booked his passage when, needing to overturn a first-leg 7000 deficit, he managed it with a superb break of 10k to win by 13130-11430.  But in the quarters, a mid-game mistake against  Paul Sainsbury denied him any  further table time and he went down 11250-16600. Worthing’s Kevin Tunstall went on to retain the title won last year.

The Plate competition threw together local players Dick Cable (earlier beaten by son Lee) and Paul Jobbins in the quarter-finals: Dick beat Paul in a close match 8800-6840 but found 15-y-o  prodigy Jack Baden (Brighton) too strong in the Semi.  Jack was edged out in the Final by Mark James for a Worthing double.        – Clive T

How the other Horsham leaguers fared:

Stu Carruthers lost to Curt Driver (Kent) 3500-29060; Plate Rd 1 bt Denise Wills (Surrey) 7380-3270; Rd 2 lost to World Champion Mark Trafford (Oxon) 980-10860

Rob .Jones  lost to Keith Sheard (Oxon) 660-41090; Plate Rd 2 bt Dave Hampton (Littlehampton) 6160-0; Rd 3 lost to Jack Baden (Brighton) 0-7380  (whitewashed a septuagenarian but brushed by a 15-year old !)

Colin Southouse lost to Phil Osborne (Hastings) 5780-11980; Plate Rd 2 lost to Lorraine Hall  (Mid Sussex) 4730-6410

Mick Fairs lost to Mike Daw (Hastings) 2160-21110; Plate Rd 2 bt Pete Phillips (Kent) 6600-3770 Rd 3 lost to D.Cable 0-5280

Lee Cable bt Dick Cable 10260-6640; Rd 3 lost to Gerry Fitzjohn (Worthing) 2570-17180

Paul Jobbins lost toTony Jenner (Worthing) 4110-13090; Plate Rd 2bt Michelle Baden (Brighton) 3560-3340; Rd 3 bt Bob Hall (Mid Sussex) 4470-2460; Qr Final lost to Dick Cable 6840-8800

Jean Brackenridge lost to Simon Coleman (Northants) 9240-15770; Plate Rd 2 lost to Mark James (Brighton) 2300-3700

Ros Appleby lost to Bob Chapple (Guernsey) 2930-18770; Plate Rd 2 lost to John Slee (Billingshurst) 0-8060             - Clive T

02 June 2018  AGM this Tuesday 5th June 2018

The AGM happens in just 3 days from now, at 8.30pm Tuesday 5th June in the Gordon Luff (back) Room of the Roffey SSC, and hope a great many of you can come along and help the AGM make the right decisions ready for next year.


There are 4 rule changes proposed for this AGM and will give you some idea about them, so hopefully you will want to come along and vote For/Against them, as this is the time to make your wishes known.


*     New Rule by John Tidy, proposing the 4 Player Rule, as used by Billingshurst League, which allows a player to be drawn to play an extra game when that team is short of a player, but this can only be used 8 times per season.  4 Player Rule introduced


*     Rule 8, by Clive Thompson, to reduce the Team subscriptions down from 50 to 40 pounds, and we have a suggested amendment/alternative value of 45 pounds already suggested by Paul Jobbins (together with sundry other tweaks). Please remember this is very important for balancing the Income & Expenditure of the league.  Defeated, stays at £50 per team


*     Rule 23, by myself and Ian Giffen, trying to clarify what has been a confusing situation about Table Clock Times and what to do should a table clock run shorter or longer than the 15-20 minutes, that we must follow per SCBBA affiliation, and taken from the AEBBA Rules and how they interpret it at their own matches. It is to be hoped that eventually Sussex and/or AEBBA will clarify this in due course, and then this can be removed or updated.   Carried


*     Rule 33, by Ros Appleby, adding a simple sentence that a Player must have played 60% of the League programme to be eligible for the High Score & High Break Awards., hence stopping someone from playing maybe just one or so games in the season and winning one or both awards.   Carried


Please understand that amendments to the wording of these Rule Proposals can be made, and passed, before final voting on the above rule changes and whether they actually pass into our Rule Book .... so please come along and VOTE.

We can also discuss other topics, in Any Other Business, although no other rule change can happen as the date has passed for Proposals, but we would like to hear your wishes ... and this is the time to do it.


Finally it is with regret that I have to tell you that Clive Thompson will not be standing for re-election on the Committee for next year and that leaves us with the task of finding a replacement Competitions Secretary, so please think hard about who might be persuaded to fill this very important position.... and we are always looking for more player representatives.  Steve Hopkins takes over as Competitions Secretary


Kind regards

Graham Sparksman (Chairman)