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Week 2 - 10/10/2017

Limeburners 1, Roffey CC 4

Steve 1690, Paul 4530.

Tony 1140, Graham 3210.

Ding 1620, Ros 2360.

Mick 3430, Ian 2090.

Chip 0, John 3180.

Another good win, thanks Limeburners for two big trays of sandwiches and nice bowls of chips.                   – Paul Jobbins


Windmill CC 0, Plough 5

Keith Potter (4870) and Brian Marten, Geoff Parsons and Dave Vizor (all with 3k) dug in well for the Plough.  - CT


Roffey Club Y 5, Windmill GG 0

Kieron 2060, Graham 1290

Micky 3620, Johnny 2090

Dick 3950, Tony 2520

Rick 5370, Clive 4510

Ben 3650, Margo 2010

Table not living up to its billing of last week, nobody on either side seemed able to execute the split when the occasion presented itself.

Graham noticeably feeling under the weather.

Johnny scrapping well until he put the break down four times.

Tony unlucky in game 3, just catching up with the bar due but losing 1500.

I gave Rick one chance too many and he played out for a winning 2k break.

Margo played with confidence and seemed set to spare our blushes again, but Ben finally got it together at the end in like fashion.

So a disastrous result for us, but a sociable evening nonetheless.

Philosophical post-match quote from Mr Franks: "At least now the only way is up !!"                         - Clive T


Congratulations to Kieron Coppinger who had his first ever League win in only his 2nd match with the Y's. He played really well when he played at Roffey CC and was unlucky to lose a reasonable score. He is under the wing of his team mates and I expect him to develop.               – Ian Giffen, League Secretary

A good snooker player, so as far as bar billiards is concerned, a duck to water...I reckon Ben will be the one to watch this season.                     – CT


Stout House v Roffey Club H

Postponed at the request of the Stout House, now playing 12/12/2017                     - IG

09 Oct 2017

A good response so far on entry to Cup Competitions, entry forms have been submitted by Plough, Roffey H, Roffey Y, Stout House, Windmill CC and Windmill GG.

In the hope of also receiving something from Roffey CC and Limeburners, the closing date has been extended from today to Tues 17th October.                         – Clive T, Comps Sec


04 Oct 2017

One of the highest scores ever recorded in the Horsham League was made in the opening league fixture by Roffey H captain Stuart Carruthers:  Rather tragically he pulled up just short of the 20,000 break which would have admitted membership to the exclusive S.C.B.B.A. 20k club. However, there is a good chance that during the course of the season another opportunity will present itself.                   – Clive T


Week 1 - 03/10/2017

Plough 3, Limeburners 2

(No forum report submitted)

Roffey CC 3, Roffey Club Y 2

Ian 1630, Lee 7260.

Ros 4870, Ben 670.

Trevor 610, Micky 14520.

Paul 5670, Kieron 970.

Graham 4600, Dick 3030.

A good home win for us, excellent rapport with Dick's team and plenty of BB-related chat.

Three big trays of sandwiches, all tastes catered for, to complete a pleasant evening's BB.             – Paul Jobbins

Roffey Club H 4, Windmill CC 1

Stuart Carruthers 19850 (break of 19140) Des Gasson* 810

Malcolm Andre 1140 Derek Taylor* 4580

Rob Jones 2890 Darrell Skinner* 1320

Iain Tarrant 5390 Steve King* 4920

Steve Hopkins 5280 Pete Edwards* 3640

Slightly fortunate to get a 4-1 win with the last three games close and only decided late on. – Stu Carruthers

That's impressive Stuart, but you'll have to speed up slightly if you want to relieve Martin Cole of that 20k trophy standing proudly on his mantelpiece !        - Clive T

Speed was not the issue, the clock was looking good with two minutes left. The problem was a lack of skill, as I missed a split when hitting it too thin and could only watch as the white slipped past the 100 hole and the red sat on the front lip of the 50 but didn't drop. Maybe one day I will get another chance – Stu C

Great score Stu, trust it’s the first of many   - Colin Southouse

Well done Stuart, must feel good after you said you were struggling with your game, first of many big ones I am sure.        – Tony Jenner

Windmill GG v Stout House  - postponed, playing 19/12/17

02 Oct 2017   - Close away defeat for Horsham as Interleague resumes.

West-Sussex 4, Horsham 3 (at White Hart, Littlehampton)

Gary Evans* 2130 Iain Tarrant 2740

Trevor Fitzwilliam 3940 Steve Hopkins* 3280

Chris Oakley 1080 Dick Cable* 6970

Tim Cole* 3710 Lee Cable 3060

Chris Cox 8310 Dave Howlett* 1440

Alan Hitchman 2150 Stuart Carruthers* 8540

Martin Cole* 15500 Brian Marten 80

Lots of entertainment in the pub with loud music and even a fight to keep us entertained !

Well played to West-Sussex on getting the win in a match that flowed this way and then that, with some of the games going down to the wire.                      – Stu Carruthers


30 Sep 2017

The “League proper” commences on Tuesday (3rd Oct) with matches at Plough, Roffey CC, Roffey SSC (and Windmill GG v Stout House being postponed)      - IG

27 Sep 2017

Charity Week 2 – 26/09/2017

Stout House 4, Roffey Club H 1

Plough  4, Windmill GG 1

Windmill CC 0, Limeburners  4

Roffey CC  – Bye      

Plough and Stout House have both qualified from Group A, and play each other at the Limeburners in 4 weeks’ time to decide who are group winners and who are runners-up.

Group B is as yet unresolved: Windmill CC have completed their programme and have now to rely on Limeburners to do them a favour, as a 3-2 win for Roffey CC in the last match would see them (Roffey) go through instead; 4-1 or better would even see them top the group. The final round of qualifying games are due to be played on neutral tables on Tues 24th October.

(Charity League table and Scorecards available to view via link on League Tables page)   - or HERE:

20 Sep 2017

Charity Week 1 – 19/09/2017

Windmill GG 1, Stout House 4

Roffey Club H 1, Plough 4

Roffey CC 2, Windmill CC 3

Limeburners – Bye           (Roffey Y have elected not to take part)

18 Sep 2017

Well done to Stuart Carruthers on captaining Sussex B to 4th place in the County Championships (Div One) held at Didcot on Sunday.  Kent were winners, with Sussex A runners-up and Oxon A third. Sussex B finished just ahead of Berkshire and Northants with a somewhat depleted Surrey being relegated.  In their final match the B’s played Oxford and only lost 3-4 giving their stablemates a chance to hold 2nd place, as the A`s had their Bye series in the last round of the day.                                

Sussex B - Stuart Carruthers (Captain), Kevin Hall, Stuart Mepham, Tony Jenner, Rick Cunningham, Joe Oakley, Mike Daw, Jack Baden.                                        – Tony Jenner, SCBBA

16 Sep 2017

Just a quick reminder that the following Charity Cup matches have been scheduled for this Tuesday :

Windmill GG v Stout House; Roffey H v Plough; Roffey CC v Windmill CC; Limeburners v Roffey Y

The away team will have the break in games 1, 3 and 5 with the home team having the break in games 2 and 4.

Results (must include scores, please) can be eMailed to myself at

Good luck to all competitors !                        - Clive Thompson (Competitions Sec)

15 Sep 2017  - Interleague fixtures are out…

Interleague fixtures for the Home/Away 2017/18 competition have been announced and Horsham kick off with an away match to West-Sussex at the White Hart, Littlehampton on 1st/2nd October.

Click on Interleague tab to find a link showing the full programme.                    – Clive T

10 Sep 2017

Herewith the entry form for this seasons Cup Competitions. Tuesday nights will be used wherever possible, with one round taking place before Christmas. Please don't be shy coming forward, a good response will certainly help the League.    – Clive T, Comps Sec

HDBBL Comps entry form 2017-18.xls (43.5 KB)

10 Sep 2017

The new season will start on the 19th Sept with 2 weeks of Charity Cup matches followed by the League Fixtures.

We have lost The Bull team which is disappointing to lose the League Champions, this leaves us with 8 teams and following a committee meeting we have decided to keep with 2 divisions of 4 teams this keeps the format going with documented winners and runners up in both divisions in addition to promoting the singles & Lower Division Singles which always attracts a good turn-out.

I have attached the new Fixtures, score sheet and Sussex Comps entry form.

I look forward to another good season and look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks.                          Ian Giffen, League Secretary.


10 Sep 2017

I am sending out the Draws for Charity Cup (over the three nights 19/9, 26/9 and 24/10) and for Team Cup which will be over three nights next year, the "round robin" guaranteeing each team a minimum of three games.  A scorecard for Charity Cup games is included, one for Team Cup will be sent out with a reminder early next year.

Charity Cup guidelines are included with the Draw: Although participation is not compulsory, it is hoped that all Teams will give it a go in accordance with the spirit of bar billiards. Each team has been drawn once at home and once away with the third heat to be played on a neutral table. For the Team Cup next year, each venue has an equal number of matches.

All the very best to everyone for an enjoyable and successful season !         - Clive Thompson, Competitions Secretary.

04 Sep 2017

This is a heads-up that the new season of the HDBBL is due to start on Tuesday 19th September (15-16 days away), and so ask all Captains and players to ready themselves for the first matches accordingly.

The full details will be issued as soon as possible after the Committee Meeting to be held this Tuesday, the 5th, when the League status, composition and fixtures are finalised.... with preliminary proposals well advanced already.

I hope this warning is helpful and look forward to seeing most of you during the coming 2017-18 season of Bar Billiards.      Best regards                                            -    Graham Sparksman, Chairman

21 Aug 2017                Stand by for 19th Sept !

The new season is set to start on 19th September 2017. The absence of the Bull from the line-up means that the league will now comprise 8 teams.  

It is hoped to continue the Charity Cup in a 2-group format and Team Cup to be also in 2 groups of 4 to give each team three matches (excluding finals).

The committee will meet on 5th September to finalise the programme of fixtures.  Publication will follow immediately after.                                              – GS/IG/CT

10 Aug 2017  Further dates announced by SCBBA:

At Mid Sussex Conservative Club, Burgess Hill:

Sat 6th January 2018 Sussex Doubles

Sun 7th January 2018 Sussex Singles

scbba comp form.docx (12.21 KB)

At the Roffey Club

Sat 9th June 2018 Sussex Masters ( Under 30s?? )

Sun 10th June 2018 Sussex Open                            - Tony Jenner, SCBBA


08 Aug 2017  Sussex One-Day Competition dates announced

Dates , venue and tables have been booked for the 1 Day Inter-League competitions next year. These will be held at Mid Sussex Conservative Club, Burgess Hill.

17th Feb 2018 – B Teams

18th Feb 2018 – A Teams, Div 2

24th Feb 2018 – Ladies

25th Feb 2018 – A Teams, Div 1                                                - Clive T

07 Aug 2017

The Bull’s Bob Hall won a high quality Bucks Open Plate Final yesterday, overturning the 12k lead that Steven Sheard (Oxon) had built. With Steven's break to come it looked curtains for Bob but an early miss from Steven let Bob in and he made an excellent 15k break for the win. Well done Bob. Bob had beaten Dawn Jordan in one semi and Steven had beaten reigning World Champion Matt Jones in the other. Brighton’s Nigel Senior made it a Sussex double, beating Hampshire’s Lee Radford in the main event.                                            -  Matt Knight, SCBBA

02 Aug 2017

News filtering through from the SCBBA AGM, held last night:

New Rule 1.

The following SCBBA competitions shall be designated as "SCBBA Closed" events

Sussex Masters

Mens Singles

Ladies Singles

Sussex Off The Spot

New Rule 2.

Entry to SCBBA Closed events shall be restricted to players who do not represent a County other than Sussex in any AEBBA individual or team event during the same calendar year (Jan - Dec).

By taking part in a SCBBA Closed competition, whether or not they have personally signed an entry form, every competitor shall be deemed to have declared that they have not represented, nor will they represent, any County other than Sussex in any individual or team event as defined by AEBBA Rule 47 during the same calendar year as the Sussex Closed event they are entering.

Any player who, having competed in a SCBBA Closed event on those terms is found subsequently to have breached this undertaking, shall be banned sine die from all bar billiards events under the auspices of SCBBA, with no right of appeal.

Home and Away Interleague competition

An Inter-League match will consist of 7 single games, the away team to have the breaks on games 2, 3, 5 & 6 and the home team to have the breaks on games 1, 4 and 7. In each of the seven games the home captain must nominate the home player first at the start of the game. Where two or more players in a team have the same surname the full Christian name shall be entered on the result card and the identity of the first named player be established before the second player be named.                     - (as posted on the Forum by County Secretary Jean Brackenridge).

26 July 2017

The Bull’s Lorraine Hall made the Quarter finals of the 2017 British Isles Ladies Open played on Sunday at Roffey Club, after  finishing 2nd in her qualifying group. She was then defeated by eventual winner Jean Brackenridge.  Roffey CC’s  Ros Appleby bounced back from finishing third in her group by winning the Plate, defeating Oxon’s Melissa Standbridge 7280-5990 in the two-leg Final.   – Clive T


25 July 2017

The 3rd Sussex County Off-the-Spot took place on Saturday at Roffey Club, and early running was made by Bull’s Rob Hall and Andy Farmer-Wright, winner and runner-up in their qualifying groups C and B respectively.  Both had tough draws at the last 16 stage, however, and Rob was beaten by Gareth Lloyd and Andy – in a closer match – by Dave Ingram.  Roffey Y’s Dick Cable was also a qualifier, finishing second in Group C but then losing to eventual runner-up Ian Lelliott.

There were good runs in the Plate for Roffey CC players Ros Appleby and Paul Jobbins before both went out at the Semi-Final stage:  Ros defeated Ian Cross and then Stuart Carruthers before falling to eventual winner Phil Osborne, whilst Paul overcame Stephen Hopkins and then Lee Cable before losing to the runner-up Kyle Ingram.      – Clive T

22 Jun 2017         - Sussex Off-the-Spot Singles

Entries are now being taken for the 3rd SUSSEX COUNTY OFF-THE-SPOT SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP.

The competition will be played on Saturday 22nd July 2017 at The Roffey Club, Spooners Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 4DY  -   Entrance £10 per person   -  11.00am for 11.30am start.  

There will be a Main and Plate Competition and it is planned to have Groups for the first round to ensure that players get as many games as possible. Entries will (probably) be limited to 40 players which would mean 8 groups of 5 players and will be taken on a "first come, first served" basis. Please note that the competition is intended to be for Sussex players only.              – Dave Ingram

SCBBA Off-the-Spot entry form 2017.doc (47.5 KB)

This could be a good one to have a go at as it has been moved to Roffey SSC  following the temporary closure of the Hurstpierpoint Club.                                      – Clive T

On the next day (Sun 23rd July) at the same venue it is hoped to stage the BRITISH ISLES LADIES SINGLES  (Entrance £10 per person,  11.00am for 11.30am start)  

There will be a Main and Plate Competition and it is planned to have Groups for the first round to ensure that players get as many games as possible.  


Entry Form is here - British Isles Ladies entry form 2017.doc (47 KB)                 - Dave Ingram

20 Jun 2017           “AGM Dispatches”

Main points of note from the AGM held last night:

Our President Rod Tarratt kindly attended, invited a question and answer session, and gave an assurance of 'business as usual' as regards table hire.

The Chairman, Gen.Sec  and Comps Secretary all gave their reports on the season with tributes to all who had made donations and indeed to all who had helped the League in any small way. Local achievers at county and national level in the last 12 months were documented.

It was felt that the current trading balance justified an increase in team registration fees from £40 to £50. Competition entry fees will however remain the same (£1-50 per player per competition).

A small shake-up in the Committee resulted from the resignation of Stu Carruthers (Competitions Secretary) due to family commitments. During his 3 years in the job he had proved to be invaluable as an innovator.

Graham Sparksman takes over once more as Chairman and Yours Truly has taken on Comps Sec. until a suitable 'bright young thing' can be found. The rest of the Committee remains the same with the addition of Ben Procter whom we welcome as a playing committee member.

Stuart was also thanked for his spell as Interleague Captain and Dick Cable will now take over the role.

One Constitutional Rule amendment was passed where it was considered there had been a gap, and the viability of a "4-player rule" was discussed at great length but was defeated when it went to a casting vote.

Our very best wishes to new Chairman 'Sparky' who I must say looks completely invigorated after his recent health scare.                                  – Clive T


Thanks to the people that came out on a very hot night. My thanks go to Clive for his dedication in his time as our Chairman and also to Stuart who did an amazing job as Competition Secretary.

Congratulations to Sparky on his re-election as Chairman and I look forward to working with him.

Good luck to our new Interleague Captain Dick Cable.                              – Ian Giffen, General Secretary

18 Jun 2017

A reminder that the AGM is tomorrow,  Monday 19th June,  8.30 start:  Plenty to discuss, so hope to see you all there !!                                                                - Ian Giffen, League Secretary


16 Jun 2017   -  Watney Mann Cup, Round 1, 2nd Leg

Albion B 4,              Roffey Club H 1

Tony Jenner *   11030    1200          Rob Jones                                         

Pete Hickman        8260           1630           Iain Tarrant *

Mal Spier                 5650           0                  Stuart Carruthers *

Steve Aylmore *                   6170           4000           Lee Cable

Rick Cunningham 3920  6230           Steve Hopkins *

Aggregate:             35030        13060

Another good evening with the Roffey order of paly game 1, game 3, game 2, game 4 and game 5, due to 2 Roffey players having to arrive late.

Fair to say like the 1st leg plenty of chances for all in every game, and we took our chances and had the run of the balls, thanks to the Albion for the spread of chicken and chips.         – Tony Jenner, Worthing League


15 Jun 2017    - Watney Mann Cup,  Round 1, 1st Leg

Roffey  Club H 2,                  Albion B  3

Stuart Carruthers * 2000         7850   Pete Hickman                               

Rob Jones                5780           3840           Rick Cunningham *

Steve Hopkins        1690           1370           Mal Spier *

Lee Cable *             4010           6390           Tony Jenner

Iain Tarrant            1700           4960           Steve Aylmore *

Aggregate:             15180    24410        

Stuart off early putting one up behind, Pete did the same and first to get them back and left one up short, Stuart did the same, Pete a couple of breaks to win it but Stuart had chances but never settled.

Rick off early, and another to not really settle on the table, Rob built a lead with 3 breaks to secure the win.

Game 4 was played 3rd as both Steve and Iain were delayed.  Lee opened with 1.5k, I got them back left the one up short, I then got 2k, Lee got another 2.5k, I then got them back and settled to make a winning break coming off as the bar dropped.

Game 3  Mal off early and then both he and Steve struggled and with no luck Mal never got the break back but was in the lead as the bar approached, Steve made a very good clearance to leave enough time to  come away with the win.

Steve opened with 1.5k, Iain was first to get them back after a fair time at the top end, but pegged when just taking the lead, Steve got them back and added enough to make sure.

So a slender 3-2 lead for us to take into the home leg tonight, a good night at the Roffey with plenty of friendly banter and in truth us making the table look harder than it was, although the home team did say it was trickier than usual.

Thanks to the club for providing Pizza and hosting us.  Look forward to tonights encounter.  – Tony Jenner, Worthing League

11 June 2017

Roffey H’s Stephen Hopkins bounced back from a first round defeat at the hands of John Slee in the Sussex Open played today, with a good run in the Plate, making it to the quarter-finals.  Further details to follow when released.          

A day earlier, the Sussex Masters took place at the same venue and Horsham had 5 players amongst the qualifiers: Jim Greensted (2nd seed), Bob Hall (11th), Stuart Carruthers (19th), Lorraine Hall (20th) and Andy Farmer-Wright (23rd) featured in the 24 who were ranged in Groups of three.  Details are scant, but it is known that probably the best two players in the world fought out the final, with Kevin Tunstall beating Nigel Senior – as he did a day later on the way to a magnificent double.            – Clive T

01 Jun 2017

This year’s AGM will take place on MONDAY 19th June 2017 (8.30pm start) at The Roffey Club.

It will be in the new room in the main hall: The Club is fully booked on Tuesday's so that's the reason it's on a Monday.

It would be great to have someone from each team present in order to get a good representation.

Any Rule change proposals need to be with me in writing by Monday the 5th June.

It must contain the rule number the original wording and the proposed amendment.           – Ian Giffen.