Camp M.E.R.C Recount

Marine Education Re-creation Center

Intro :

BAM! It was Monday the weekend blew over like a breeze, we gathered all our stuff, we went to the toilet and did everything that a normal school kid would, after that we packed the car and off we went to Elm Park School (5 minutes later). My excitement levels were high (If that even makes sense), I just couldn’t wait to go.  When we got there we unpacked and I tried to run but I couldn’t and as soon I knew I forgot something then I just remembered biscuits! , but lucky enough no-one noticed.  I looked around and some people looked over encumbered.

P2 :

The journey to Camp MERC was surprisingly long mainly because of traffic (pesky traffic) I sat next to BHAWNVIR (Shoutout) and we talked about random stuff such as what the camp might be like.  We finally got there and when we did it didn’t look how we thought it would look, anyway first thing we did was to take our stuff to our assigned dorms.  I stayed in the boys dorm, the boys dorm had a excellent view over the Long Bay Waters, and I think the girls dorm had a view over camp itself and the hall had a view over Long Bay.

P3 :

After all that we did eight activities but we first kicked off with teamwork games such as face-painting and getting the tennis ball into the plastic container using small pipes.  After playing those games we met back in the hall and they were explaining each activity to each group.

P4 :

The activities we did were : Abseiling, rock climbing, bodyboarding, giants ladder, outdoor, rocky shores, stack em’ ,slingshot and archery (Some groups did last minute activities which are : Slingshot, Rocky Shore and Outdoor Survival  Anyway my favourite activity was abseiling because it made my heart beat like a bass drum.

Ending :

It was time to say farewell to Camp M.E.R.C at the time I think I was finishing off the last few metres of my abseiling session, and I didn’t know what was happening when I got off the abseiling  wall I ran over to join everyone else just in time for the Haka.  Next we waited for our luggage I waited for awhile when I finally got my stuff I lined up with the rest of my classroom and then we loaded the buses and off we went (BYE CAMP MERC).  When we got back to Auckland my Mum was there and she took us home. THE END