Sociology Syllabus                                                                                        Ms. Caitlin Kokinov

Rutherford B. Hayes High School, 2016-2017                                              

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“Whatever sociology may be, it is the result of constantly asking the question, what is the meaning of this?”

C. Wright Mills

  1. Course Description

For this elective semester course, students will apply their skills and knowledge to research sociology.  Students will have an opportunity to further understand the relationship of mankind in society.  Problems, relationships, and institutions will all be explored.  This course will enable students to apply skills and knowledge gained through earlier courses and will provide opportunities to better understand real-world problems and issues.

  1. Materials Needed

  1. Course Units of Study

Founders & Research Methods                Stratification

Culture & Media                                Race

Deviance & Crime                        Family & Gender


IV. Expectations For Learning

Students will…

                                · Have a growth mindset and become knowledgeable and skilled historical thinkers.      

                                    · Work hard and strive for excellence in class and in everyday life.        

                                    · Be prepared, ask questions, and make a positive scholarly contribution each day.         

                                    · Be respectful and listen. We all have value. We will all learn from one another.

                                    · Attend class daily and be on time.

  1. Late Work Policy

Late work will be accepted until the last date of the unit of which the assignment was assigned. All late work is worth ⅔ of the possible points.

The date of unit exams mark the last day of the unit. All important course dates are marked on our Canvas Calendar.

  1. Academic Dishonesty Policy

Academic dishonesty or academic misconduct is any type of cheating that occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise. It can include

Offense 1

Offense 2

Offense 3 & Beyond

  1. Conference with Teacher  
  2. Parent Contact
  3. Student must redo assignment (late policy will be applied)
  1. One & Two from Offense 1
  2. Student will earn a 0 for the assignment, with no opportunity to resubmit.
  3. Behavior referral will be submitted to the administration.
  1. 1-3 of Offense 2
  2. Disciplinary actions will progress as determined by the administration.

VII. Grading Policy

Grades will be categorized and weighted as follows:

        Summative Assessments- 55%

        Quizzes- 25%

        Assignments- 10%

        Capstone Related Assignments- 10%

VIII. Technology and Communication

Class Website

Info. Re: Parent Access

Canvas by Instructure is Delaware City School’s new Learning Management System that we will be utilizing this semester. All documents and assignments associated with the semester research project will be found and submitted via Canvas. On Canvas you can find our course calendar, important documents, rubrics, resources, and more. Canvas will serve as a great learning tool, communication tool, and resource for us. You can access Canvas by visiting:


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If you have read all of the above, agree to it, and agree to achieve more than ever before in order to prepare yourself for success and the future, please sign and have your guardian sign to accept the terms of this syllabus.

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