Teaching the Elementary Grades with Technology - Boston

July 29-30, 2013


Suzy Brooks: sbrooks@falmouth.k12.ma.us, @simplysuzy, Third Graders Dreaming Big

Assistant:  Brenda Doucette Brenda_Doucette@newton.k12.ma.us


Day 1


Personal introductions

Respond to pollev.com/bholland poll (student response system)

The 21st Century Classroom & C-R-C-D

Why/What are 21st century skills?

How do they apply to the elementary classroom?

Why Technology?

Technology is....

The CRCD Framework from Leonardo's Laptopby Ben Schneiderman

Easter Egg Hunt - technology tips & tricks

Phase 1 - Collect

This Google Presentation contains details about all of these topics.

What is the web and how do we use it?

Collaborative Bookmarking

Phase 2 - Relate

Digital Citizenship - Copyright & Creative Commons

Public vs. Private, Parents, and Acceptable Use

Blogging and Educational Blogging

Blogging Challenges

Beginner Challenges:

  1. Pick a platform - KidBlog, WordPress, or Blogger
  2. Create an account.
  3. Follow the on-screen directions to login and explore your new blogging platform
  4. Create a Welcome to My Blog post. Add a few sentences welcoming readers to your blog.
  1. Use bold, italics, and colored text at various points in your sentences.
  2. Publish your post and view your blog.
  1. Write a new post. Give it a title such as Recommended Resources.
  1. Create a numbered list and type up three (3) resources that you have discovered today.
  2. Make the names of the resources into hyperlinks. Have them open in a NEW window.
  3. Publish your post and view your blog.
  1. Go back to your Welcome to My Blog post and edit it. Add a picture either from the web or your computer. Publish and view it again.
  2. Edit your Recommended Resources post and add a link to the blog of a teacher near you.
  3. Leave a comment on your own blog as well as that of a person near you.

Advanced Challenges:

  1. Create a new post for your blog. Write a few sentences and embed a video.
  2. Explore your Settings
  1. Set your time zone
  2. Choose a different Theme (if you want to)
  3. Explore the Post & Comment settings for privacy control
  1. Explore options for adding students or other class blogs to your account. NOTE - each blogging platform with have different options.

Day 2

Google Docs for Creating the Collaborative Classroom

Google Docs Challenges

Phase 3 - Create

I want my students to....

Phase 4 - Donate

Sharing with Students, Parents, & the Community

Formative Assessment

Assessment & Rubrics

Build your Personal Learning Community

End of Workshop Survey & News

Please complete this survey before you leave! In the survey confirmation, you will receive a link to download a certificate of participation.

Save the Date!

November 13-15, 2013: Leading Change in Changing Times: EdTechTeacher iPad Summit USA

Grad Credit

Assignment 1:

1. Read the executive summary of The Center for Public Education’s report “Defining a 21st

Century Education” at:http://www.centerforpubliceducation.org/Learn-About/21st-Century. In

this summary, you will find a useful explanation of 21st skills as well as their implications for


2. Read the Overview of the Framework for 21st Century Skills at: http://www.p21.org/overview/

skills-framework. The framework addresses student outcomes and student support systems.

3. Read the Preface and Background of the CAST Teaching Every Student book:http://

www.cast.org/teachingeverystudent/ideas/tes/preface.cfm. The Center for Applied Science and

Technology explores ways to use technology in order to assist learners. In particular, they have

pioneered the concept of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

4. Write a 1-3 paragraph response to the following questions: Why do you feel that you should

integrate technology into YOUR classroom? What role can it play? How do you think it could

support your teaching and individualize your students’ learning?

Assignment 2:

1. Read the Edutopia article Why Teach Project Based Learning at http://www.edutopia.org/


2. Watch the two introductory videos on the Edutopia Core Strategy: Project-Based Learning

page as well as at least one of the Real-Life Example videos:http://www.edutopia.org/projectbased-learning3. In 1-3 paragraphs, describe a project that you could use with your students in order to

engage, inspire, and motivate them to achieve a deeper understanding of a topic, concept, or




You are welcome to use all presentation materials and agendas for your own in-house professional development. Please attribute credit to EdTechTeacher.