Wolf of MibuNow there's no one to interfere with my killing you.This is war. See you in Kyoto.

“Swift Death to Evil.”

Name: Saitou Hajime

Nicknames: Wolf of Mibu

Age: 35

Weapons and Attacks: Katana, Gatotsu stance

Love Interests: His wife, Takagi Tokio

Closest Friends: None.

Enemies: Shishio, Kenshin, Sano

First appearance: Tokyo Arc

Biography: Saitou was the captain of the third squad of the Shinsengumi, a group of samurai who fought on the side of the Tokugawa Bakufu during the Revolution. Their mission was simple: put down the Ishin Shishi rebellion. They were quick and efficient killers. Saitou was so good at killing that he was called the Wolf of Mibu. The only one he was never able to kill was a certain Hitokiri Battousai whom he battled in Kyoto at the height of the war.

Personality Profile: Honestly, this guy's an asshole. He can pretend to be very nice and pleasant. In truth though, he has as strong an urge to kill as Kenshin does. The difference is, he doesn't try to repress it as much as Kenshin does. He merely waits for the opportune time to indulge it. He was called a housebroken dog without fangs by Shibumi, the corrupt politician who hired him to assassinate Kenshin. In the end Shibumi was done in, not by a dog, but by the Wolf of Mibu.

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