We Made Elephant Toothpaste.

After Morning Tea on Monday the 10th, Room 17 made Elephant Toothpaste. We made it in front on our class (Room 17) on the table because if we did it inside it would of got all over the mat. Room 17 made the toothpaste because we read a book and we wanted to try it out. What we used and how we did it was……


Because it will make the elephants teeth whiten and it taste like toothpaste too.

Because it will make mixture smoother and paste like

Because it will put colour in it and it can look cool

Because it will make the elephants teeth cleaner

Because it will make the toothpaste froffy


Step 1 - Pour the Hydrogen peroxide  into your container

Step 2 - Add the food colouring in

Step 3 - Careful pour the dishwashing liquid in

Step 4 - In a separate small cup will be the yeast add warm water to that and pour it into your container

Step 5 - Mix for 60 seconds

After you finished that it should of froffed up and overloaded the container.