Haplogroup R1b - Mitchell DNA project


Hap. R1b, Lineage Group 19



Kit 702

William Mitchell b. ca. 1737 VA m. unknown Henslee d. 1795 Caswell Co. NC

    John Mitchell b. ca. 1765 VA m. Mary "Polly" Anderson Caswell Co. NC d. 1837

            James Mitchell b. ca. 1805 Caswell Co. NC m. Sarah Foster d. 1843 Lincoln, TN

                    James William Mitchell b. 1832 Lincoln, TN m. Susan Elizabeth Gattis d. 1909 Lincoln, TN

                            James Clifford Mitchell b. 1866 Lincoln, TN m. Sue Anna Campbell d. 1913 Lincoln, TN

                                    George William Mitchell b. 1890 m. Lou Spencer d. 1920

Kit 173402

Franklin Foster Mitchell b. 1845 TN m. (2) Martha McClure 1882 Lincoln Co. TN d. 1932 Giles Co. TN

    James Marion Mitchell b. 1895 AL m. Katie Lou Brooks 1920 Moore Co. TN d. 1980 Giles Co. TN

Kit 170193

Franklin Foster Mitchell b. 1845 TN m. (1) Elizabeth Brown  1865 Lincoln Co. TN d. 1932 Giles Co. TN

    Elijah Richardson Mitchell b. 1870 Bedford Co. TN m. Nancy Frances Sumners 1890 Lincoln Co. TN d. 1944 Lincoln Co. TN

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Kit 132395

Frederick William Mitchell b. 1808 VA m. Rebecca Hill 1834 Prince Edward Co. VA d. 1888 Union Co. OR

    James Monroe Mitchell b. 1848 Lafayette Co. MO m. Mary Ann Booth 1870 d. Wallowa Co. OR

        Weldon Dean Mitchell b. 1879 Union Co. OR m. Nell Tyler d. 1970 Boise, ID