We will note here the takeaways from Edcamp CT 2017 that people share at the end of the day…

Excited! - learned about GooseChase from my PLN - big turnout

-look for EdCamp GooseChase game “this is what EdCamp is about”

Two things

Reflection - Session 4- conversation about Inst Coaching - role is unclear and undefined - discussion was very helpful!

Flipgrid codes - how do we get custom codes to Ambassadors? Usecode=Flipfall17

Renovating computer lab and STEM space - Eduporium.com Trivia Contest - 1 year - if first with correct answer get $100 coupon for their site

Tough conversation going back to school - how do we talk about events right now in light of events of Charlottesville etc

Engagement is critical for learning - our conversation built this up!

Need to change our parent engagement metrics - “showing up” can manifest in many ways - cast a wide net

-all members of our school community must be learners - this is how we talk about things - our values must be upheld

First time at event - nice to be validated with similar philosophies - what are 1 or 2 things I will try - encourage more teachers from my school to come/more diversity

Sketchnoting - deeper learning thru words and images and yes sketches

THANK YOU SARAH - The Queen of EdCampCT (and Dan and even Ben)

Thank you to all sharing articles about current events - check #EdCampCT - keep posting!

-we are not prepared for facilitating many of these conversations - help from community

Big increase in administrator attendance - good place to have real conversations!


Digital Citizenship is on shifting ground - we must constantly stay abreast of what's up and help parents do the same

History teacher - fake news - not checklist but making students create their own fake news (Mozille X-ray goggles)

Chips and t-shirts before you hit happy hour!!!!