About the Collective

What is it?

The initiative is an attempt to form a collective of voluntary members teaching AP Computer Science A that want access to a steady stream of high quality multiple-choice and Free Response Questions that include a “freshness date” that guarantees no student has seen them prior to that date so the answers are not available to students.


Writing quality multiple-choice and especially Free Response Questions is challenging. There simply is no better way to assess your students' ability to pass the AP Exam than to see how they do with questions that are modeled as closely as humanly possible to those on the actual AP Exam.

The only current source of such questions I have been able to find is actual prior FRQs that are posted along with the answers. These are an invaluable tool for both teachers and students but cannot be relied upon to get an accurate measure of student capability since the answers are freely available.

What to do?

Join the Collective and get access to a steady stream of high quality AP CSA questions that are guaranteed to be new and that come at a reliable and predictable rate.

Plan your exams knowing that you will gain access to newly released questions one week prior to the date that anyone anywhere uses those questions in a classroom!

What does it cost?

The price of admission is your agreement to join a FRQ Development committee of 3-5 other members tasked with developing and vetting a single FRQ question by a specific deadline.

That’s it! Help write one question per year!

How will it work?

You will register using your Google account and then complete a profile that includes proof that you are an AP or college teacher of Computer Science.

As soon as there are 25 registered members the system will go live, you will be assigned to a group that best matches your profile and your group will begin working on your question!

Each group will have a designated question lead and one member that is the question validator. The question lead is responsible for making sure the questions is completed 2 weeks prior to the private release date and the validator has two weeks to sign-off on the quality and completeness of the question.

You will be required to be question leader only once every 3-5 years and the following year you will get a break as the validator.

How do I get started?

Register at http://apcs-collective.com/ and complete your profile!

Aaron Braskin<abraskin@mbusd.org>